Exabytes: Should I go back?

Ok, way back when I used to blog at sashiweb dot com, I used to have my site hosted at Exabytes. Back then it cost me about RM199 per annum, which comes out to nearly RM17 per month.

Sure, you could have gotten other webhosting deals a lot cheaper, but there were several reasons why I chose Exabytes. First of all, I had dealt with them as a freelance web developer sourcing for webhosts for clients, and more often than not, their level of service was quite commendable.

Secondly, they came highly recommended by a couple of high-profile blogger-buddies.

And that’s how I came to be part of the Exabytes customer base. And to be honest, in the 2++ years (or it 3?) or so when I had my blog hosted there, I continued to receive good customer service and prompt replies to any problems I had, of which there were very few.

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