Post-GE13: An Open Letter To Everyone

To whom it may concern.


Congratulations on being given the mandate to administer the state and/or country for the next 5 years or so. Regardless of the political parties and officials that will constitute the makeup of the government, please try your hardest¬†to keep the promises made in your respective election manifestos.¬† Continue reading Post-GE13: An Open Letter To Everyone


O What A Night

I went to sleep sometime after 1am, cos I’m still struggling with the after-effects of my illness ‘earned’ from my trip to India, but anyway, by the time I retired to bed, the news that I was looking were all finally confirmed.

  • BN won the election by a simple majority, but loses their 2/3rd majority. Heh.
  • My constituency will now be served by a brand new MP – Nurul Izzah. Heh heh.
  • Aiyo yo Samy, apa sudah jadi? Heh heh heh heh…..
  • The bloggers’ public enemy no 1, Zam Zam, is gone too, along with scores of his high-profile teammates. Haha haha hahah…

It’s an interesting day. Still waiting to see how things pan out now.

To the people who’ve been voted in, WE’RE WATCHING. One false move, and you’ll be kicked out. You’ve been warned.