Everything’s so LOUD!

I was deaf, but man, can I hear now!

When I came to work Friday morning, I quickly discovered that my inability to hear had worsened, and I couldn’t catch much of what people were saying. At this point I realised I couldn’t just wait over the weekend for the ear-drops that the doctor provided me to work their magic; I needed my hearing back NOW.

So upon the advice of a few of my colleagues, I went and visited another doctor for a second opinion. After examining both of my ears, he pronounced them both completely and utterly blocked with ear wax. And that he’d get rid of them in a jiffy.

Woo hoo!

Using the syringe method of earwax removal, the doctor managed to clear both ear canals rather quickly, although not without some degree of discomfort.

As a result, I can now hear again. In fact, I think I’m hearing a little too much!

The traffic’s louder than I remember. My clothes rustle loudly as I walk. The tap water hitting the sink is loud. My phone’s ringtone is way loud. I even hate to use earphones to listen to music now, cos it’s too damn LOUD!

Which is probably a sign of good hearing. I hope.

Thanks for all the sympathy messages and well wishes. I luv u all long time. 😛

And first thing I’m wanna do now is to give a donation to the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD), or any such charitable organisation dealing with the hearing-impaired. Anyone know how I can do this? I can’s find their contact info.