It’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday,
We gonna party like it’s my birthday,
We gonna sip Bacardi like it’s my birthday….

Yup, good old Police Day, except there is no party, no Bacardi, nothing. Just like every year.

But that’s what I always like, I guess. No fuss. No special attention. No fun.


BN A$$-Whooping

Well, it was coming. PAS were just pushing their luck too far, and instead of conquering the northern Malay heartland, they’re just barely alive in Kelantan. Maybe it’s the end of the extremism that has been driving PAS all these years…
Keadilan were almost wiped out, save for Datin Seri Wan Azizah‘s seat. They’re gonna need to do something quick if they don’t wanna be extinct ala Semangat 46.
Then there’s good old DAP, always there when you need some opposition. Nice to see Kit Siang and Karpal back in Parliament. I mean, really, Parliament is nothing without these guys….

OK, PM, you’ve got your mandate. Now time to keep your end of the bargain.

Eel-Action Day

Got up bright and early to go to my polling centre.
Had to lah, cos later this afternoon is the F1 race, isn’t it?

There was a small queue outside the school. Policemen were manning the gates and ensuring that the immediate vicinity was clear of campaign booths and vehicles.

Problem was, a few party workers (those guys who’d be sitting inside the polling rooms noting the names of people coming in to vote) arrived late, so those of us voters who were early had to sweat it out till this jokers were ready. Lucky it was morning and I was still a little sleepy. Otherwise, mesti diorang kena lesing sekali!

The voting process itself was a breeze. In and out in less than 1 minute. For whom did I vote? Well, I can’t really reveal that, can I? Let’s just say that the candidate was the best person for the constituency under the current circumstances.

The result, by the way, was that the incumbent BN candidate trounced the Keadilan candidate by a big majority. The people have spoken.