Post-GE13: An Open Letter To Everyone

To whom it may concern.


Congratulations on being given the mandate to administer the state and/or country for the next 5 years or so. Regardless of the political parties and officials that will constitute the makeup of the government, please try your hardest to keep the promises made in your respective election manifestos.  Continue reading Post-GE13: An Open Letter To Everyone


Retrenched? HELP is here!

Star-Jobs h.e.l.p
A project to assist the retrenched H.E.L.P.

With the economic crisis hitting every part of the world, retrenchment is on the rise. Losing your job suddenly is akin to losing someone you loved. We at Star-Jobs strive to assist the retrenched to go through their career transition as smoothly as possible and at the same time to discover potential talents within themselves.

This is a CSR initiative of The Star. The purpose of this initiative is to bring together companies that are seeking to hire and retrenched people seeking to be hired.

Times are tough, and when the going gets tough, well, we have to come together. Ok?

What you can do

Retrenched persons
Register on the Star-Jobs H.E.L.P. site, with your resume and stuff. Yes, it’s yet another job-seeker site form, and you probably already have registered on Jobstreet and places. Well, there’s no law that says you have to register on only one site, right? Why not cast the net wider? This is your future we’re talking about, after all.

Need employees? Have vacancies? Wanna list those vacancies online for FREE? Yeah, I said FREE! Contact the good people at to find out how.

Ex-retrenched persons
Share your experiences! Give hope to your fellow man, people who are currently affected by the global economic meltdown, so that they will have hope that things will turn out for the better for them. Be a speaker at an event, or blog about your experiences! Once again, contact the nice people at Star-Jobs to learn how you can be of assistance.

Guys and gals, if you have a job, know how lucky you are. I have friends who have been retrenched, and I can only wish I could do something for them. This is the least I can do, and I hope you can do the same at the very least.

I Knew Qushairi Razali

Funny thing, I was doing some, erm, research on OAG and that song that used to be playing in my head a long, long time ago, you know the one, “I’m watching, (I’m watching), I’m watching, (I’m watching), 60’s TV!”

Well-known fact: the original drummer for the group was this guy called Qi (pronounced Chi, full name: Qushairi Razali). Little-known fact: I was once his classmate.

No, seriously. He was a school prefect, and no, he didn’t have long hair. He was blessed with good looks and an easy charm even back then. I remember he was pretty well-off too.

He did this really cool trick (or it was cool back then for a 13-year-old) where he would twirl a pencil/pen using his thumb and forefinger. He tried teaching it to me once, but I gave up after launching the pencil once too often towards the classroom ceiling fan.

In fact, he even ended up showcasing that trick in a TV commercial for Indomie. (I think it was Indomie. Could’ve been some other instant noodle brand. In my defense, it was a very long time ago.)

We went to different schools after Form 3, he to La Salle PJ (if I remember correctly), and me, not to La Salle PJ.

We never kept in touch after that, this being the era before emails, cellphones and Facebook.

Not long after, OAG’s ’60’s TV’ became a hit. Like any other nerdy teen trying to be cool, I tried to name drop the fact that I used to be this fella’s classmate, but to no avail. And that was that. Not long after, Qushairi left OAG, and disappeared without trace. Or at least as far as I knew.

Now I’ve never really thought about Qushairi since then, until just now. When, erm, researching the song ’60’s TV’, I once again remembered my old classmate, and figured maybe I should Google his name, and.. whoa!

Apparently my former classmate and ex-drummer of OAG is now a TV show host. From this article in Berita Harian, I learned that he had been furthering his studies in business and marketing.

Since then, he has been in 8TV Quickie, and is currently a host on Destinasi Bajet, a highly-rated Malay language travel show.

Google also reveals that there was a bit of a scandal involving him and hottie Irene Santiago. But Qi, being the La Sallian that he is, admits knowing her and clears the air about their relationship. (Ok, being a La Sallian, maybe I’m a bit biased, but as we all know, La Sallians are innocent, and chivalrous, and virtuous, and embody all that is good and noble.)

Wow, he’s come a long way since his pencil-twirling days, hasn’t he?

Anyway, the Berita Harian article included his Facebook profile name, so I’m gonna try adding him to my Friends’ list, and see if he remembers me. He’s either gonna add me cos he does remember me, or he’s gonna add me cos he thinks I’m some kind of fan, or he doesn’t add me and calls the cops.

In which case, this could be my last entry in this blog, and I just wanna say it’s been a blast.

This has been a transparently lame attempt to gain some street cred by associating myself with a celebrity who probably has no recollection of who I am these days. But what the heck, on the internets, there is no shame in being lame.


This is NOT a sponsored post. No, really, it isn’t.

(Photo credit:

As you may or may not know, there’s a new TV show airing on ntv7 called FRONTPAGE.

It comes on every Sunday at 9.45pm, with the first episode having premiered last Sunday (Sept 7).

Continue reading FRONTPAGE on ntv7

Free Photography Trips + Workshops For Bloggers!

If you have an interest in (digital) photography, you might find this to be right up your alley.

Sunway City Bhd and AMBP are getting together to send a group of lucky bloggers on TWO photography trips: the first, a day tour to Sunway Lagoon Resort which covers Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, and Sunway Pyramid; the second will be a 2D1N trip to Sunway Lost World of Tambun.

There are lots of activities lined up besides the ones where you go snapping away with your camera to your heart’s content.

Both outings also double up as a contest, where images taken of Sunway premises during the tours will be considered as entries for the Sunway Memories Photography Contest which offers total prizes worth over RM140,000!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it’s all FREE! 😀

So what are ya waiting for? Move your mouse on over to AMBP and sign up now!


Don’t ask me what the title means. Consider it a filler title, just as the rest of this is filler material too.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
Really fun movie, continues much of the great story and characterisations from the first movie. Why Guillermo del Toro is not considered quite the world famous director in league with Spielberg is beyond me. Hopefully The Hobbit will finally do for him what LOTR did for Peter Jackson. Fantastic effects, brilliant action, wonderfully natural down-to-earth performances by the cast (which is hard to do in a fantasy movie), and even villains for whom you might even want to root.
Verdict: 4.0

The Live Debate: Shabery vs Anwar
It’s the historic moment we’re all waiting for. To be telecast live on TV9, Bernama TV and Astro AWANI, starting at 9pm. Hopefully, nothing silly’s gonna happen before then, like maybe arrests of prominent people and all?

Also credit should given where it’s due. Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said this:

Ahmad Shabery said the debate had to be aired live so that the public would not have the perception that it was being doctored before going on air.

“The debate is to have a clear picture of the government’s decisions and policies as well as to correct public perception on the matter,” he said.

They could have shown a delayed telecast of it, or indeed, not shown it at all. But it’s gonna be live, and I appreciate the Information Minister’s determination to push this through. Hopefully, all your future decisions will help open up this country’s much stifled and often silenced communication channels.

Much Ado About Nothing
All that traffic jams, and disgruntled people coming to work late, and all for what? A perceived threat? A vague idea of hostile demonstrations that didn’t take place? Where’s the so-called evidence, Mr Home Minister? If you have it, show it! I’m starting to get really annoyed at all these posturing from politicians from both sides of the divide who keep talking about having explosive evidence of major wrongdoing and what-nots committed by this Datuk and that Tan Sri. If you have it, show it!

Trust and Credibility
On that same vein, I’ve now come to accept that no politician can be trusted. Even the much hyped DSAI. I know lots of his supporters would lynch me for this, but a lot of the events of recent weeks tend to be so ridiculous and overblown that it’s difficult to believe everything all these politicians are saying. Not DSAI, not Najib, not Pak Lah. Nobody. From now, I care not one iota for what you say, only in what you do. (Which would make me watching the debate a bit hypocritical, but the point of the debate – for me – is not in hearing what these people are saying, but rather allowing these people’s sayings to be heard).

At times like this, one can only hope a figure like Gandhi would once again walk upon this Earth. No aggressive posturing. No lies or double-speak. Straight-up honesty from the get go. Peaceful, non-violent disobedience. And above all, an outpouring of love for everyone, whether friend of foe. A person like that, everyone will follow.

Biggest Regrets and House of Cards
Just 2 cool videos I found via Boing Boing. The first is Radiohead’s House of Cards video.

The other is this interesting video about regrets. Nice.