Singapore: Illustrated (Part TIGA Abdul)

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It was after 6 pm or so when we finally left the Singapore Science Centre. We walked to a shopping centre where we were informed we could catch a bus that would take us directly to the Singapore Zoo. We were looking a bit haggard, tired and a little bored, especially after the non-rewarding experience of the Science Centre.

While waiting for a bus to come, I noticed something that warmed my heart a little bit. A car (a Mercedes Benz, if you must know) arrived and parked at the bus stop. Yes, a driver parked his car on a spot designated for buses only.

Suddenly, I felt like I was back in KL again. *sniff*

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Singapore: Illustrated (Part Antara DUA Darjat)

Read Part One first.

Right. So it was raining cats and dogs and various species of birds as well. What a way to mark your first few hours in a foreign country.

We quickly came to the conclusion that we obviously couldn’t do much outdoor activities. There were some places where we could have gone that would have protected us from the elements, but most of the ones I could think of that moment were either museums or libraries or a few non-descript locations in Geylang, none of which interested my fellow travellers.

So I figured we should do what most geeks would end up doing – visit the Singapore Science Centre.

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Singapore: Illustrated (Part Seribu SATU Malam)

What: Holiday in Singapore.
When: 24th – 26th December 2005.
Where: Err… Singapore lah…
How: KTM Senandung Malam train from KL to Singapore (dep: 10.30 pm, arr: 7.45 am), KTM Sinaran Petang train from Sg to KL (dep: 1.30 pm, arr: 8.30 pm).
Who: Me and two friends.

Official camera: Canon Powershot A400.
Official shaving cream: Gillette Foamy.
Official toothpaste: Colgate.
Official toothbrush: Oral-B.
Official shampoo: Head & Shoulders.
Official currency: Singapore and Brunei dollar bills.
Official hotel: Penang Hotel, Jalan Besar.
Official phone: Nokia.
Official blog: This one.

*Note on the text: Most of it is bullshit. Concentrate on the pictures.

So there we were, 3 tired-looking and sleepy hunks congregating among the weary KL urbanites and regular 2-cent touristas at KL Sentral waiting for the train to come in. We passed the time making inane conversation and trying to catch the eye of that hot looking chick nearby, who ignored us so completely she must have been a lesbian.

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1-Utama Fashion Show Part Deux

More of this.

These were taken yesterday (Monday) evening. These particular models were showing the Oxbow collection.

They were preceded by a group of very cute kids modelling some kids-wear (sorry, forgot the brand). But the shots I snapped of the kids weren’t very good because this time I thought I’d try shooting from the same floor as the stage and it was difficult to get a proper shot.

So I returned to the floor above the stage (as I did previously with these pics) and snapped away. Not as blurry as Sunday’s pictures, because this time I did not use the virtual zoom feature (my budget camera only got 2.2 optical zoom lor…)

Enough words. Photo time.

Fashion show pics 1
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Fashion Show at 1-Utama

Yesterday, after a long and hot and tiring trip to Shah Alam to check out (what was left of) the Adidas warehouse sale, a colleague of mine and myself decided to cool off at 1-Utama (which was near our office as well as near my colleague’s house), where coincidentally enough, a fashion show was taking place.

Let’s not waste time reading paragraphs, ok? A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So here’s the equivalent of about 37 thousand.

(Forgive the grainy shots – I don’t have any professional training in photography. I already tried my best and I have no regrets. Err. Also, some blurry shots were due to a small kid who kept jumping up and down all around me trying to get a better view.)

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