Perhaps it’s about time I popped by…

Err… any chance of a free ticket? Hello? Hello? Anyone?

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Actorlympics at The Actors Studio, BSC.
Date: Wed 6th – Sun 10th Sep 2006.
Time: 8.30 pm
Tickets: RM 47, RM 42, RM 22 (students/seniors, only on 6/7 Sep).
Tel: 2094 0400/1400
Email: tickets AT theactorsstudio DOT com DOT my



MV Doulos: The Bookship

The side of the Doulos

Went to check out the MV Doulos with some of my friends.

Stuff I learned from the trip

  • The books are not cheap. Not exactly expensive, either, but not much different from the prices offered at your regular high-street bookstore.
  • Selection is rather limited. They have music CDs and cassettes, too. But also limited. However, they do have a rather extensive collection of books related to sprituality, religion, faith, devotion, etc, so if you’re interested in that, you might find what you want here.
  • They have a scheduled tour of the ship at different times throughout the day. You need to buy tickets for this. Tickets sell out fast. We didn’t know that, thus missing out on the tour because they were all sold out – for the whole day.
  • My camera sucks at taking outdoor shots when the sun is out in full force. And where the hell was the haze? I think our friends in Sumatera have been slacking lah. Woi, forgot to burn the jungle today ah?
  • Be prepared for a large crowd. It’s not always easy to move around in there.
  • Fear not, coffee-lovers – there’s a Starbucks stall right there on the ship!

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Singapore: Illustrated (Part ENAM Jahanam)

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We’re approaching the final stretch now, check out Part Four.
The penultimate part, read Part Five.

After all that walking round and round bridges and waterfronts and shopping malls, we finally reached our destination: the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City:

Supported by four 13.8 metres high bronze legs and spreading over an area of 1683.07 metres, the Fountain of Wealth has been accorded the status of “World’s Largest Fountain” in the 1998 edition of the Guinness Book of Records.

Unfortunately, we learned that we were a wee bit early for the light show and stuff, and I mean, who wants to see a plain old water fountain anyway? So we figured we could do some other touristy thing for a while and then return to Suntec City in the evening to catch whatever it was that made this an above-average tourist destination.

That touristy thing we decided to do, after some consultation, turned out to be checkin’ out Sentosa Island, Singapore’s premier family entertainment and money-guzzling tourist destination.

We’re gonna have to keep a close eye on our wallets, guys.

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Singapore: Illustrated (Part Dua Kali LIMA)

Read Part One first.
Then read Part Two.
Then follow up with Part Three.
And if you’ve read this far, you might as well read Part Four.

So where were we? Right.

We’d just done the river cruise, and we then decided to take a more scenic route round the riverfront and check out some of the sites we saw on the cruise up close.

Just as we were about to head off down the first of many bridges along the way, we came across a guy riding in his bicycle followed by a dog. I don’t know much about canine breeds, but this one was familiar – thanks to Eddie, the dog on Frasier.

This Jack Russell terrier turned out to be real friendly. The man on the bicycle encouraged my friend to pick up the dog, and she didn’t even flinch. The bike man called her a river dog, cos she’s been roaming here for ages.

Weren't you in Frasier?
Canine capers on the Singapore waterfront

And boy, did she turn out to be a babe magnet. I have got to get myself a cute pet one of these days….

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