Werewolf Bloggers! Howl You Doing?

(Image sourced from AMBP Skinwalkers Gallery)

The AllMalaysian Bloggers Project has got a new contest rolled out for Malaysian blogging homies.

The AMBP Werewolf Blogger Contest calls for bloggers to post an entry related to the upcoming movie Skinwalkers on their blogs.

The challenge: You can either choose task #1 or #2 or #3 (or all three, if you feel you wanna impress us… which usually works) as follows:

Task 1: Write a blog entry that contains the words ‘skinwalkers’, ‘howl’, ‘blogger’, ‘Cathay’.


Task 2: Post up an audio recording (less than 45 seconds) of yourself howling like a werewolf on your blog.


Task 3: Post up a video recording (less than 45 seconds) of yourself howling like a werewolf on your blog.

Once that is done, just login to the contest with your MyStar ID and submit the link to that post. The most creative folks win movie tickets to a special screening of Skinwalkers at Cathay and some scary looking dolls too:

Best 55 entries will win double passes to a special screening of Skinwalkers, while the top five (5) entries take home a limited edition Dooodolls Henchmen, which is, if we say so ourselves, simply adorable.

Here’s a sample of a video, if you need inspiration:

So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to wait for a full moon to start, just howl away and you could win tickets to the ultimate date* movie of the year!

The link to the contest once again: http://allmalaysia.info/visitmalaysia2007/am_blog/skinwalkers/

*(Assuming your date is a werewolf. I bet she’s an animal in bed.)


Does this mean I don’t appear in the sequel?

I am 57% Jazz
I am 57% Jazz


Jazz picked his sports car form because it’s the epitome of style. If there’s one thing he digs about Earth, it’s human culture.

Like Jazz, you are good by nature. But beware because mischievous thoughts sometimes tempt you. You want to be a leader and show some promise, but you have much to learn. In addition, you enjoy technology and are aware of the latest trends, but you stick with what works for you.

Take the Transformers Quiz

My Simpsons avatar

My Simpsons avatar


Get your own The Simpsons avatar!

The movie will be released nationwide next week! (Though if all goes well, I’ll be watching it a little earlier.. 😉 ) Woo hoo!

UPDATE: I watched The Simpsons movie on Monday, and it was hilarious! I’ll see if I can get a review up soon… 😉

Some Simpsons-related stuff found via Digg:

Transformers: Rolled Out!

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In The Beginning…

First came the announcement that Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks were to be making the live-action movie. Fans rejoiced.

Then the news that the movie was to be directed by Michael Bay. Fans were split, some were happy, remembering movies like Bad Boys and The Rock, while other groaned, remembering The Island and Pearl Harbor.

Then the cast list was revealed, including the most in-demand young actor on the market Shia LeBeouf, the unknown but smokin’ hot Megan Fox, but the name that gave every Transformers fans goose-bumps was that of Peter Cullen, the man who voiced Optimus Prime in the original G1 cartoons and the 1986 animated movie.

Then the teasers, giving little indication of the movie’s storyline. The buzz was slow to build-up initially, being overshadowed by the other “summer blockbusters” Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

But then those movies came and went, leaving fans underwhelmed. The focus shifted to Transformers, at which time the final cinematic trailer was released – and what an awesomely cool, well-edited trailer that was…

The hype was now well and truly at its highest.

The Premiere

So finally, I found myself at The Curve’s Cineleisure Damansara yesterday with some friends, for the premiere of the movie.

The fanboys were out in force, wearing Autobots or Decepticons T-shirts, while a handful walked around with their Optimus Prime Voice Changer helmet. Seriously. One of them was a celebrity blogger dude too. 😉

Before the patrons were to be ushered into their respective halls, everyone had to get in line and declare their electronic gadgets such as cellphones, MP3 players and cameras. It didn’t matter whether your cellphone was a basic cheap-ass phone (like mine) that does nothing more than make/receive calls and SMSes. They all still ended up getting tagged and bagged, and I’d have to return later after the movie to collect your stuff.

My friend couldn’t be arsed to do that, so he went and left his phone in his car parked in the basement before returning to the cinema.

After we cleared that hurdle, and after undergoing a quick electronic gadget sweep later (another friend of mine commented that he wouldn’t have been surprised if they subjected us to a cavity search too, the way things were going), we finally entered the hall (THX-enabled too! Woo hoo!) and waited for the movie to begin.

After all the obligatory trailers went by (including the one for Disturbia, starring Shia LeBeouf, which elicited a comment from somewhere behind me that he “already got the VCD last week” – only in Malaysia, people…), the movie we were all waiting for with bated breath finally began.

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One Shall Stand, One Must Fall

The Movie

I’ve been going on a Transformers-binge the last few days. Or to be more specific, I’ve been gorging myself on the original Transformers The Movie (1986).

I “found” a copy of the movie’s theme song from Lion – a pop metal rework of the familiar TV theme. Also the classic The Touch by Stan Bush (which was also played in Boogie Nights, in completely different circumstances.) You can listen to samples at Amazon.com

[Update: Found the music video for The Touch (Youtube)!!!!]

I had the whole movie stored in 2 CDs once, but I seem to have misplaced them. So imagine my delight when I found that the entire movie is now on Youtube (in 9 parts!)..

Transformers The Movie: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

For those who want to know how Optimus Prime‘s voice will be like in the upcoming Michael Bay movie, check out the Youtube movies – the same voice-actor, Peter Cullen, plays Optimus Prime in both movies.

Autobots! Transform and ROLL OUT!

A dream, a 38-word story, and an Idol spoiler

A dream

I think I had the best dream ever last night/this morning. It had a guy who could control minds ala Prof X, an ordinary Joe who becomes an unlikely hero when he finds he could block out the guy’s mind control attempts, and a cute girl-next-door damsel-in-distress chick.

The problem is that the more I try to remember the details of the dream, the more I’m forgetting it. By the end of the day, it will be nothing but a vague recollection of some fire and explosions.

Which is sad, cos really, I think it was the best dream I ever had.

A 38-word story

I read Sharon’s post on short stories, and since I like that genre, I tried to write a 50-word story.

The crying child opened the door and ushered me in. She held the knife doused in her father’s blood. I walked into the room, witnessed the carnage. Too late, I heard the swish of the blade behind me.

Yeah, only made it up to 38 words. I think I have a short attention sp…. ooh, look, butterflies!!

An Idol upset

I like WordPress.com, but I hate the Dashboard look once I’ve logged in. All those latest blog posts listed on the side, yeah, I’m sure some people would be interested in those. But I’d prefer it if it was customisable so that I won’t accidentally see information that could be regarded as spoilers and such, like who got eliminated in American Idol today!


I’ll be watching 300 this evening. It seems to be the kind of movie that generates intense, polarising opinions. You either hate it, or love it.

I’m just hoping I don’t sleep through it, although from the trailers and such, I’d be lucky if I come out of the cinema with my hearing intact.