Retrenched? HELP is here!

Star-Jobs h.e.l.p
A project to assist the retrenched H.E.L.P.

With the economic crisis hitting every part of the world, retrenchment is on the rise. Losing your job suddenly is akin to losing someone you loved. We at Star-Jobs strive to assist the retrenched to go through their career transition as smoothly as possible and at the same time to discover potential talents within themselves.

This is a CSR initiative of The Star. The purpose of this initiative is to bring together companies that are seeking to hire and retrenched people seeking to be hired.

Times are tough, and when the going gets tough, well, we have to come together. Ok?

What you can do

Retrenched persons
Register on the Star-Jobs H.E.L.P. site, with your resume and stuff. Yes, it’s yet another job-seeker site form, and you probably already have registered on Jobstreet and places. Well, there’s no law that says you have to register on only one site, right? Why not cast the net wider? This is your future we’re talking about, after all.

Need employees? Have vacancies? Wanna list those vacancies online for FREE? Yeah, I said FREE! Contact the good people at to find out how.

Ex-retrenched persons
Share your experiences! Give hope to your fellow man, people who are currently affected by the global economic meltdown, so that they will have hope that things will turn out for the better for them. Be a speaker at an event, or blog about your experiences! Once again, contact the nice people at Star-Jobs to learn how you can be of assistance.

Guys and gals, if you have a job, know how lucky you are. I have friends who have been retrenched, and I can only wish I could do something for them. This is the least I can do, and I hope you can do the same at the very least.