I Knew Qushairi Razali

Funny thing, I was doing some, erm, research on OAG and that song that used to be playing in my head a long, long time ago, you know the one, “I’m watching, (I’m watching), I’m watching, (I’m watching), 60’s TV!”

Well-known fact: the original drummer for the group was this guy called Qi (pronounced Chi, full name: Qushairi Razali). Little-known fact: I was once his classmate.

No, seriously. He was a school prefect, and no, he didn’t have long hair. He was blessed with good looks and an easy charm even back then. I remember he was pretty well-off too.

He did this really cool trick (or it was cool back then for a 13-year-old) where he would twirl a pencil/pen using his thumb and forefinger. He tried teaching it to me once, but I gave up after launching the pencil once too often towards the classroom ceiling fan.

In fact, he even ended up showcasing that trick in a TV commercial for Indomie. (I think it was Indomie. Could’ve been some other instant noodle brand. In my defense, it was a very long time ago.)

We went to different schools after Form 3, he to La Salle PJ (if I remember correctly), and me, not to La Salle PJ.

We never kept in touch after that, this being the era before emails, cellphones and Facebook.

Not long after, OAG’s ’60’s TV’ became a hit. Like any other nerdy teen trying to be cool, I tried to name drop the fact that I used to be this fella’s classmate, but to no avail. And that was that. Not long after, Qushairi left OAG, and disappeared without trace. Or at least as far as I knew.

Now I’ve never really thought about Qushairi since then, until just now. When, erm, researching the song ’60’s TV’, I once again remembered my old classmate, and figured maybe I should Google his name, and.. whoa!

Apparently my former classmate and ex-drummer of OAG is now a TV show host. From this article in Berita Harian, I learned that he had been furthering his studies in business and marketing.

Since then, he has been in 8TV Quickie, and is currently a host on Destinasi Bajet, a highly-rated Malay language travel show.

Google also reveals that there was a bit of a scandal involving him and hottie Irene Santiago. But Qi, being the La Sallian that he is, admits knowing her and clears the air about their relationship. (Ok, being a La Sallian, maybe I’m a bit biased, but as we all know, La Sallians are innocent, and chivalrous, and virtuous, and embody all that is good and noble.)

Wow, he’s come a long way since his pencil-twirling days, hasn’t he?

Anyway, the Berita Harian article included his Facebook profile name, so I’m gonna try adding him to my Friends’ list, and see if he remembers me. He’s either gonna add me cos he does remember me, or he’s gonna add me cos he thinks I’m some kind of fan, or he doesn’t add me and calls the cops.

In which case, this could be my last entry in this blog, and I just wanna say it’s been a blast.

This has been a transparently lame attempt to gain some street cred by associating myself with a celebrity who probably has no recollection of who I am these days. But what the heck, on the internets, there is no shame in being lame.


8 thoughts on “I Knew Qushairi Razali”

  1. hey bro…well..life goes on….im sure he remembers u somewheer deep in his mind…just call him out for a cup of tea or lunch….chat about the good old days in school….friends r treasure…nothing can replace them…all the best bro….hope u guys able to rebuild the once lost friendship…

    oh yea, i like his destinasi travel budget program…pretty intriguing…if u ever going to have a party..count me in…hahaha…im a total strabger but a fan….hmmm..maybe i can get a job with 8tv..lol

    1. Hey Brian,

      Well, he and I weren’t really friends back in school, just plain old classmates. We moved in different circles – he mainly with the cool crowd, and me with the super-cool nerdy crowd. 😛

  2. is there n e way for me to contact him? plsssssssss i am crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for him . dpt email address ker.. fs ker.. pape cara ar to contact him.. chi chi…

  3. sashi..r u a fen of rajeev, vishnu, etc…
    I m Yap, Chi’s fen back in LaSalle Bfields…do you remember me??think we went to the same tuition at Bangsar if i can remember correctly..

  4. Hi qushairi…
    Boleh tak kita kenal awk???
    Kita teringinlah nak jadi kawan pada awak;)

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