I rd d post n now hv hdache oredi.

I wish people who post in forums would stop using SMS-speak (for lack of a better term) when writing their posts. SMS-speak came about as a necessary evil, a means to work around the character limitations of many older mobile phones’ SMS and text messaging features.

But such limitations don’t exist for posting in forums. So why do they insist on doing it anyway? Are they just plain lazy? Do they not know how to spell?

I’m not even saying that they should stick to proper English, or have proper grammar (though it would be nice). I make mistakes with my grammar all the time, so who am I to judge? But at least when you write clearly with correctly-spelled words, it becomes easier to understand, and a pleasure to read. Even if you use slang, having them written in its full forms rather than in abbreviated SMS-speak makes it easier to identify as slang, and therefore understandable.

A lot of first-time visitors to a forum would pay attention to such posts, while conversely be repelled by posts laden with SMS-speak. Which means that if you had some valuable information in your posts, they might not reach a certain cross-section of people for whom that information may be of great use.

It’s just so frustrating when you go into a popular forum like Lowyat.NET to read up on something that you consider to be important to you, and you have to spend half the time trying to decipher what the words are before you can even begin to understand them. (Note: Not all Lowyat.NET posters write like that. Some long-timers especially write great posts.)

Maybe this is just me showing my age, but dammit, sometimes clear communication is just a matter of common sense.

So please, if you’re a regular poster on forums, I urge that you write your postings in a clear manner, without using abbreviated SMS-speak, and you and I will get along just fine.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “I rd d post n now hv hdache oredi.”

  1. Oh yes, very annoying.

    I don’t know if you guys find this a pain… but I hate the emoticons on msn chat! I go nuts when I have to decipher sentences of hieroglyphs.

    It’s inevitable, the human race is regressing towards its caveman days.

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