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As you may or may not know, there’s a new TV show airing on ntv7 called FRONTPAGE.

It comes on every Sunday at 9.45pm, with the first episode having premiered last Sunday (Sept 7).

So what’s it about? Well, it’s about this fictional English-language newspaper called “The Voice” and the stuff that goes on with the journos who work there.

It stars Bernie Chan (yeah, she who will be racing with her brother in the upcoming The Amazing Race Asia 3) as the newsdesk editor, and Tony Eusoff, Jehan Miskin, Cheryl Samad (my favourite local actress at the mo’, cos she can’t do no wrong ;-)), Nell Ng, Nurakhtar Md. Amin as journalists.

The show is co-produced by The Star, and the shots of the newsroom were all (or mostly, I’m not quite sure) shot in The Star’s newsroom at their HQ in PJ.

Also, it is said that the episodes were all based on real-life stories that were reported in the press. I can’t be sure of how true that is in relation to the first episode, which has something to do with an armed robbery planned by a group called the Kapak Gang, cos after all, we’ve had a lot of armed gangs terrorising us over the years. (In fact, while watching it, I was frequently reminded of various films by John Woo and even Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.)

But the synopsis of the second episode, to be aired this coming Sunday (Sept 14), should give a clue as to the real-life event that inspired it:

A witch doctor, Maya Saari and her son killed a high profile businessman, and were sentenced to death. Before she is hanged, Maya asks to see Jack to reveal a secret – her list of clients, with photographs as irrefutable proof. It is well known that Maya’s former clientele has been the who’s who of Malaysian society. Each of them has plenty to lose should Maya decide to reveal their black magic practises. Jack finds his life in danger when “someone” goes to all lengths to keep Maya’s list a secret.

Yup, it’s inspired by Malaysia’s favourite homicidal bomoh, the late Mona Fandey. Although the “list of clients” angle is almost reminiscent of the Hollywood Madam scandal…

Personally, I found the first episode to be rather decent, which given the quality of most of the locally-made English-language shows on TV, is a pretty good compliment. I’m not saying there aren’t good locally-made English-language shows on TV, it’s just that there ain’t a lot of them.

Oh, and when I say “English-language”, I mean that the core language is English, but as befitting a show set in our good old “muhibbah-land”, you also get a whole lot of other languages thrown in as well.

I’ll certainly be watching the second episode, just to see how they deal with the sensitive issue of the bomoh-gone-bad.

If you’ve missed the first episode of FRONTPAGE, fret not, since you can always watch it on ntv7’s Catch Up TV feature.

Meanwhile, over at the FRONTPAGE website, there’re also a contest going on, where you can win an MP3 player. You can also watch trailers for upcoming episodes and download photos and stuff.

Personally, I kinda think this web approach to the show is a little Web 1.0, you know what I mean? The PR people should introduce more interactive elements to hook the viewers/fans into a more immersive experience (oops, buzzword alert!). A couple of ideas from the top of my head:

  • Facebook – Groups or fan pages could be a good start, to give the fans a place to group together and discuss the show
  • Blogs – the cast and director could blog about their experiences about particular episodes, and how they approached a scene or stuff like that. Of course, this would be contingent on the cast being available for such an endeavour.

Well, we’ll see – maybe they’ll read this blog and start thinking about it. 😉

6 thoughts on “FRONTPAGE on ntv7”

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for your kind review on the show!
    You’re right that PR effort should be more interactive; their presence on Facebook is via the ntv7 Facebook Group and behind the scenes footage and whatnot could be found on their official page,
    Also on, but the official one has more stuff.

    cheers and thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Caught the first episode due to excessive advertising by The Star newspaper. I must say this is one of the better quality locally produced shows.

    This is possibly my first time tuning in to ntv7 after they rudely and abruptly stopped showing Survivor Vanuatu (mid-season!) a couple of years ago.

  3. Sigh, I wanted to watch the show, but forgot what time it aired. I tuned in to ntv7 at 9pm and it wasn’t showing so I watched something else :-P.

    Alrighty, will make it a point to catch the second episode this Sunday. The synopsis sounds really interesting :-).

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