Tanda Soalan

If it was destined to happen, shouldn’t it have happened by now?

Is it normal to feel like you’re barking up the wrong tree, and yet you go and bark bark bark away anyway?

Ever wished there was a “Reset” button for life?

Is it weird to want to know everything, but you risk not knowing anything because to ask about something might mean that you’re invading someone’s privacy?

Why are you reading this?


2 thoughts on “Tanda Soalan”

  1. 1. Maybe already happened and you missed it.

    2. A wrong tree will do, until the right tree is found. A dog’s got to bark.

    3. But I worry more about life turning out the same way even after a reset.

    4. So many mights, but not enough might?

    5. It’s friday night and I’m bored 😛

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