Allow me to panic a little.

I am currently experiencing a severely diminished sense of hearing in both ears, as well suffering from earaches.

I woke up this morning, and found myself listening to the ambient noise in a distinctly non-stereo mode.
Turns out my left ear wasn’t receiving sound too well.

In an attempt to clear whatever blockage that was interrupting my sense of hearing, I used the trusty cotton buds to dig my ear out of trouble.

Dear reader, let me impart some words of advice to you. If you feel your ears are blocked, DON’T use a cotton bud to clear it. It’ll only make it WORSE.

Anyway, after realising that my left ear was being stubbornly uncooperative in not listening to anything, I then decided to take pre-emptive action with my right ear, so that it won’t end up getting blocked like the left ear.

Big mistake. Long story short, now my right ear is ALSO blocked. To top it off, it is also aching really bad, and I can hear even less through my right ear than my left.

Essentially, for all practical purposes, I am now partially deaf.

They say one does not understand the plight of the disabled till one walks in a disabled person’s shoes.

Well, I’ve just spent half the day feeling isolated from most things happening around me. People chatting away with each other, and I can’t understand what they’re saying unless I’m right next to them, facing them so I can read lips as well.

It’s no picnic.

Anyway, I went and visited the doctor who provided me with ear drops to be taken 3 times every day, and after a few days to come back for a follow-up check up so the wax can be removed. So fingers crossed, hopefully no permanent damage has been done.

I don’t ever want to spend another hour enveloped in a cocoon of silence such as this.


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