Donate Online to Myanmar Relief Fund

Myanmar Relief Fund

If you’d like to help the victims of Myanmar’s Cyclone Nargis tragedy, you may donate money online to the Myanmar Relief Fund via The Star Online. All funds will be channelled to Mercy Malaysia.

You can donate via Credit Card or via cheque.


One thought on “Donate Online to Myanmar Relief Fund”

  1. Dear Supportive Friends:

    Imagine if you had gone through the cyclone that hit our country
    (Burma) during the very early hours of Saturday, May 3 … if you lost
    your home and all your belongings … if you lost a person dear to you
    in the cyclone …your mother or father, or perhaps a child or spouse.
    The cyclone that hit Myanmar on last May 3,Saturday of the Nargis cyclone
    reached 240 km/h (150 miles per hour) in the area of the Irrawaddy
    River delta and the Yangon harbor.

    In accord with the response of our government for international helps,
    no doubt to say it is delayed already. We feel that this is the right
    time for the Christian to stand and take up the responsibility, to
    care and provide for the needy ones both physically and spiritually.

    We are now ready to sacrifice to enter to the most affected areas
    where no help have been taken yet. There will not be any contrast
    between the governments. I am assured you that all of your
    contributions/helps will definitely reach to the needy, so that they
    will have life.

    Please join us in praying for the precious survivors of Cyclone Nargis
    who have suffered so much. As we do, let us pray not only for physical
    provision to sustain the lives of those who have lost literally
    everything, but also for the life-giving Gospel of Christ to penetrate
    their hearts, providing comfort for this life and the life to come.

    • Pray that these suffering men, women and children will be drawn to
    Jesus to receive comfort and His free gift of eternal life.
    • Pray that the Lord would use us in a powerful way as we try to reach
    out in His name to the thousands upon thousands left homeless and
    grieving over loved ones.
    • Pray that God would provide for them and protect them, giving them
    good health amid the rampant threat of water-borne disease. Especially
    pray that we would show Christ’s love to those around them.

    Our objective is to compel 1,000 people to take an action. Obviously, more would be better but we feel that 1,000 is a reasonable number to shoot for. If the average person or church that takes the challenge contributes only $10 each,this could potentially save literally hundreds of lives in Myanmar.

    “What the urgently need to support them is Food, Water, Clothing and
    Mosquito net materials for emergency shelter as well as financial
    assistance.” The most urgent need is the “THE GOSPEL.”

    Your teammate in reaching the needy,

    Stephen Mang

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