AllMalaysiaN Bloggers Project: Mike becomes Frank

Hi dee ho, bloggerinos.

I realise that I have been criminally neglecting this blog for a long while now, with updates ranging from none to brief to those dreaded password-protected posts.

Fortunately, I don’t have a large readership (or even medium-sized, or even small… how many people need to be reading your blog before they constitute a readership?), so I guess not many have been shortchanged in that regard, eh?

But, truth be told, I’ve been preoccupied with a lot of matters, from work to some personal stuff to… more work. And this blog had to suffer for that.

Anyway, as some of you may know, I am somewhat involved (albeit indirectly nowadays) with the AllMalaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP), which is The Star‘s approach to engaging the growing Malaysian blogging community.

The “head honcho” of the AMBP is a young(-ish) hippie called Mike, who’s part Chinese, part Portuguese, part chipmunk, and all Malaysian. 😛

Those of you who know of (or better yet, are/were participants in) this project, will know all about the AMBP, but for those who don’t, here’s a quick primer (excerpts from AMBP’s About page):

The objective of this little project is to gather most, if not all Malaysian blogs under one umbrella site from which (potential) readers can find the various blogs by theme. Also, we aim to bring the blogging community together by organising various projects both online and in the real world, where you don’t need to have an avatar to represent you. 😉

Well, think about it this way: we provide you with a platform to reach out to a wider audience but we will be needing your help to do so. By signing up, you’re making this the place to be as a blogger, effectually telling our readers (in fact, any blog reader) that if they’re looking for a Malaysian blog, they’ll find it here.

Then of course, there’s the little fact that we have the resources to get a project off the ground – everything from contests to parties to charity events. Even better, we listen to you; let us know what you want us to do, and if your request is reasonable, we’ll try our best to make it happen.

My previous posts on AMBP-related stuff:

In terms of events and contests, there have been some hits and misses. The AMBP Skinwalkers contest was a washout, although it also saw some really good constructive criticism come our way from bloggers like Erna and Peter.

Contests like Rambo 4 and Kite Runner were more successful, while the AMBP-Genting Top 20 Blogs contest and the AMBP Coffee Therapy For Bloggers event were rather big hits.

Nevertheless, some fellow blogger-buddies have mentioned to me in passing that the AMBP site seems to dead at times, and that nothing really major seems to be happening. Usually, people mention the “competition” like Nuffnang and National Alliance of Bloggers, and their activities and events.

First of all, Nuffnang and NAB aren’t competition, seeing how all these organisations are different. Nuffnang is an advertising community, while NAB is a grouping of socio-political bloggers set up to protect and advocate the rights of bloggers, and by extension, our rights to freedom of speech (go NAB!).

AMBP, on the other hand, is a jack-of-all-blogs community, with objectives that, frankly, are still being finetuned, although mainly it’s raison d’être is to be the general blog community for all bloggers, regardless of race, colour, creed, and advertiser choice.* 😛

(*Note that due to technical limitations, AMBP is currently only accepting member blogs that are written in mainly English or Bahasa Malaysia. That, I presume, is to change someday.)

Anyway, Mike the head honcho has recently come out of his blogging slumber to write a series of posts about the inner workings of AMBP, and plans for the future. So waste your time here no more, and head on AMBP’s Editors Note to check out the following posts:

Please feel free to leave your comments, brickbats, criticisms, and donation pledges at the site while you’re there (let me tell ya, he reads every single comment), although marriage proposals are no longer welcomed (he’s taken. Yeah, I can’t believe it either. :P)

And that’s my longest post for 2008, I think. Does this herald a return to more active blogging for me?

Don’t hold your breath. 😉


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