Jom India!

India map

Yo, yo. Check it. We be going to the sub-continent, yo.

Right, enough of my lame hip-hop impersonations.

I’m gonna be flying off to India this coming Sunday, and will be there for 2 whole weeks, together with 3 other colleagues.

And we be backpacking, homie! Yo, check it!!

Ok, sorry, won’t happen again.

Anyway, travel plans are somewhat sketchy, but basically, we’re covering Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, or at least as much as our limited time-span allows.

The Taj Mahal is a must see, of course. The rest… will be decided. Accomodation plans are still in flux.

And I tend to be anal about things like travel preparedness and such, but you know what? I should learn to relax and take things as they come.

And this trip will hopefully help me to achieve that.

Or end in a bloodbath. Either way, it’ll be an adventure. 😉

In the meantime, I still have some last minute preparations to take care off, so I guess I’ll see y’all in March.

(Hopefully the General Elections won’t be held till after we come back; I wanna have indelible ink on my fingernail too!)


5 thoughts on “Jom India!”

  1. Hi Sashi,

    Why did you set up a brand new blog especially for India? You plan to continue updating it even after your return? Anyway, why not add this post there…since it has a nice map of where you guys will be going.

    Ahhh…shucks you won’t be going to Pondicherry? I like the sound of that town…ever since i read the book you lent me – “The Life of Pi”. 😉

    All the best in your travels. Do update and say hi to us as we will miss you!

  2. OMGOSH. I was thinking of Pondicherry cos I just finished ‘Life Of Pi’ too! 😀

    Maybe u should pick it up for the long plane ride to India, Sashi! It’s a good read.

    Have a great trip! Get drunk on toddy :p

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