The 2007 Real Greeting Cards Initiative

A Greeting Card

The last time I received a real honest-to-goodness greeting card (whether it be for my birthday or Deepavali or for any other reason) was just before last year’s Deepavali. The card was sent by good old dJ phuturecybersonique as part of his 2006 Eid Greeting Card Initiative.

According to dJ, he did it because:

When I was a kid, I enjoyed sending and receiving Hari Raya cards via post, something that we almost never do anymore since it’s easier to fire away an SMS or e-card and trees do not have to be cut to produce the cards.


There is absolutely no catch to this. It’s just something I do to humor myself really.

This year, seeing how it’s nearly the DeepaRaya season, I plan to carry on this noble task founded by this great visionary (fuyoh).

If you’d like a real, honest-to-goodness greeting card delivered to you (whether at home or work) in an envelope complete with stamps and post-office stamp-of-approval, drop me a line via my e-mail address (see sidebar) with your name, address to which the card will be sent, and the festival you’ll be celebrating.

(Open only to those who are celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Deepavali, Christmas and New Year. I hasten to add that only those who are living in Malaysia need to reply).

To all my Muslim friends, selamat berpuasa, and to everyone else, Happy Oktoberfest! 😛

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6 thoughts on “The 2007 Real Greeting Cards Initiative”

  1. I know that it is a bit late to ask for a raya card 🙂 but I don’t mind getting one a bit late…after all…raya in Malaysia is celebrated for a month right???

  2. Oh by the way….this is my name and full address

    [edit: Address removed from comment. It’s for your own safety, Azlina. 🙂 I’ve noted it down anyway.]

    Thanks a lot Sashi! 🙂

  3. is it possible for you to design a invitation card inviting for a ” PEACE – TALK ”

    we are a non-profit organization with the intention to invite public to attend our talks on ” Peace is Possible ”

    please can you guide & advise how my dream can be materialize ?


    with care,

    012 649 1210

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