Mourinho Leaves Chelsea

It’s been an interesting sequence of events over the last 24 hours or so, don’t you think?

First, I read Peter Kenyon detailing Chelsea’s long-term domination plans:

Then, Chelsea go on and manage to avoid a win by settling for a 1-1 draw at home to Rosenborg. But hey, Petr Cech says it’s no biggie, it’s not like there’s a crisis in the dressing room, right?

And then, just hours later…..

I’ll admit it, I DID NOT see that coming. Mourinho is a lot of things, but giving up was not an attribute that I would have attached to the fellow. (Arrogant, pompous, annoying, unethical, etc, maybe. But not a deserter.)

Maybe it’s just a tactic to force Abramovich’s hand. Maybe Abramovich will grovel and ask that… oh, forget it. That’s not gonna happen. Chelsea at this very moment are probably lining up his successor.

Fabio Capello for the Bridge, anyone?


3 thoughts on “Mourinho Leaves Chelsea”

  1. Didn’t see this coming at all. I won’t be surprised if he left after the end of last season… but not at this moment.

    Capello should be a hot favourite… don’t forget about Lippi though.

    SASHI: Lippi’s a good manager, but people forget his command of English is almost non-existent. Looks like van Basten is the more likely candidate now, though….

  2. I’ve created a farewell page for JM. This is so unjust!

    SASHI: That’s football for ya. And though I dare say the EPL will miss him… but with me being a Liverpool, I couldn’t care less. 😛

  3. Is this Sashi (brothers Prem & Anand) from Bangsar ??

    if yes email me, and i’ll get back to you [email address removed for your protection]

    SASHI: No, dude, that’s not me.

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