Snoop Dogg featuring Siti Nurhaliza

(Or Siti Nurhaliza featuring Snoop Dogg. And friends. However you wanna call it.)

Yup, you read that right.

The mixmash maestro himself, DJ Phuturecybersonique, has come up with what I think is an awesome masterpiece.

And I’m not just saying that cos he named it after me. 😛

Check out Siti Nurhaliza (feat. Snoop Dogg) – The Next Pendirian (Sashi Syok Sama Siti Mix), and pass the word – if the Negarakuku rapper got all that publicity for his work, why not our own DJ?

6 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg featuring Siti Nurhaliza”

  1. Its a good mix….you think he can put up in the radio stations??? Coz that would be so cool man.

    SASHI: I don’t know about the radio stations, man… technically, it might be considered a copyright violation by the sometimes irrational music industry (even though dj doesn’t make any money from this).

  2. you had a hand in it too, chief. couldn’t have done it had it not been for your prompting!

    having said that, should i get contacted by the lawyers, i hope they will not overlook that bit too! heehee.

    SASHI: Hahaha! Well, even if the long arm of the law comes a-knocking, I can still lay claim to a bit of glory, eh?

  3. Haha… No problem. I’ll help passing the word around. I’ve even promote this song to all my YM contact list.

    I kinda agree with what Rauff said. Try putting it on air. Maybe you guys could try internet radio. That would be totally AWESOME!

    Well hey… It’s a GREAT song.

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