Werewolf Bloggers! Howl You Doing?

(Image sourced from AMBP Skinwalkers Gallery)

The AllMalaysian Bloggers Project has got a new contest rolled out for Malaysian blogging homies.

The AMBP Werewolf Blogger Contest calls for bloggers to post an entry related to the upcoming movie Skinwalkers on their blogs.

The challenge: You can either choose task #1 or #2 or #3 (or all three, if you feel you wanna impress us… which usually works) as follows:

Task 1: Write a blog entry that contains the words ‘skinwalkers’, ‘howl’, ‘blogger’, ‘Cathay’.


Task 2: Post up an audio recording (less than 45 seconds) of yourself howling like a werewolf on your blog.


Task 3: Post up a video recording (less than 45 seconds) of yourself howling like a werewolf on your blog.

Once that is done, just login to the contest with your MyStar ID and submit the link to that post. The most creative folks win movie tickets to a special screening of Skinwalkers at Cathay and some scary looking dolls too:

Best 55 entries will win double passes to a special screening of Skinwalkers, while the top five (5) entries take home a limited edition Dooodolls Henchmen, which is, if we say so ourselves, simply adorable.

Here’s a sample of a video, if you need inspiration:

So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to wait for a full moon to start, just howl away and you could win tickets to the ultimate date* movie of the year!

The link to the contest once again: http://allmalaysia.info/visitmalaysia2007/am_blog/skinwalkers/

*(Assuming your date is a werewolf. I bet she’s an animal in bed.)

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