David Copperfield to perform in Malaysia?

David Copperfield World of Wonders KL 2007

UPDATE 3: Copperfield’s show in KL has been cancelled. This is due to an ongoing FBI investigation on Copperfield. Read this article in The Star for more details. 😦 .

UPDATE 2: It’s confirmed! Thanks to info provided by commentor copperfieldkl (who’s apparently representing the promoters), you can now check out details AND buy tickets for the show(s) from Acxess Tickets.

(The direct link for the ticketing info for the David Copperfield World of Wonder show)

The telephone booking hotline is +603-7711 5000.

Date/time of shows:

  • Tuesday, 30th Oct 2007 (5pm and 8.30pm)
  • Wednesday, 31st Oct 2007 (5pm and 8.30pm)

Venue: Stadium Negara, KL. (Location)

Ticket prices:

  • Matinee Show (5pm): RM503, RM423, RM383, RM353, RM283, RM103 & RM83
  • Evening Show (8.30pm): RM503, RM383, RM353, RM323, RM223, RM103 & RM83

There’s also a 20% discount for children under 12 years of age.

Click on the thumbnail below to view the seating plan for the shows.

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UPDATE 1: Our island neighbours have managed to get the jump on us by announcing that David Copperfield will be appearing at Singapore’s Indoor Stadium at 7pm on the 2nd and 3rd of November. Details at the organisers’ (UnUsUaL) page and on the SISTIC ticketing page.

Just a year ago, I was reminiscing in this very blog, about how cool the illusions of David Copperfield were compared to some of today’s so-called “top” illusionists and magicians.

This morning, a friend just highlighted an interesting news item in The Star Online about the very same illusionist:

Copperfield to amaze fans in KL

KUALA LUMPUR: Master illusionist David Copperfield will be thrilling Malaysian fans with his magic tricks and illusions soon.

He will make his grand entrance here as part of his David Copperfield World of Wonders tour on Oct 30 and 31.


The organiser of his shows in Malaysia, who did not wish to be identified, said people can expect great family entertainment and magic which is astonishing and filled with wonder from the master illusionist.


The shows will be held at Stadium Negara with two slots each day at 5pm and 8.30pm. For enquiries, call 03-7954 8414.

(Read the full article)

I called the number stated in the article, but was greeted by a voice-recording (in an American accent) saying they are unable to answer calls right now.. or something to that effect.

I was too young (and far away from KL) the last time Copperfield came to Malaysia (back in 1988), but this time, I’ll be darned if I’m gonna miss this.


22 thoughts on “David Copperfield to perform in Malaysia?”

  1. Are you sure he is coming?! I will be darned if I’m gonna miss this too 😆 Thought he didn’t do magic already after so many year didn’t hear from him… Well, except that robbery 😆

    SASHI: I think he still performs in Vegas.

  2. oh man, i tried the number too, never got through, i wouldn’t miss it for anything, lastime i saw him was in 2004 in US, he was fabulous! do keep me updated on how to get the tix! 🙂

    SASHI: Any updates, and I’ll be sure to blog it!

  3. I read a post from his official message board that he will be heading for Indonesia as well. I do hope more details will be out soon and someone would pick up that phone lol.

    SASHI: Yeah, the answering service is kinda getting annoying already…

  4. I will be heartbroken if I’ve missed his tour this time. I saw the number and tried – someone actually picked up the phone. I enquired about the ticket prices – 5pm show between RM80 to RM380. While for the 8.30pm show – between RM80 to RM500.

    Also being informed that they will advertise the booking of tickets and locations to purchase by end of this week.

    SASHI: Thanks for the info, Jen! Much appreciated! I look forward to the ads coming out soon!

  5. Anymore updates? I’ve tried to call for some times but no one answers.. (ate my money somemore)…

    SASHI: Nothing I’m aware of yet, dude. Will post them up when I hear anything.

  6. Hello people.I am happy to see so many fans who want to catch him on 30th & 31st Oct 2007 at Stadium Negara,K.L. 2 shows a day

    DC is coming 100%.The delay was due to DC’s management as they need to make sure some of the show content was appropriate for K.L. http://www.axcess.com.my is the ticket agent for DC.They will have the seating plan and sales up within the next 48 hours.You could leave messages or serious booking enquiries at copperfieldkl@gmail.com after viewing the seat plan on axcess site.

    SASHI: Thanks for the update!

  7. No.All the shows in Asia is the same.K.L. has the smallest venue hence it should be more intimate.


    SASHI: Thanks for that. Intimate it may be, but some of the seats (the cheaper ones especially) seem to be at an awkward angle to the stage. Will the audience members in that area be able to watch the show properly? Will there be a big video screen to help them catch all the action, including the close-up tricks?

  8. I went for Copperfield’s first show in Malaysia. I think I was 8 or something, we sat right at the front row of PWTC. I have a signed photograph to prove it too~!

    SASHI: Dude, I envy you! 😉

  9. Do u think buying a RM83 ticket is a good idea? Can I actually see him performing magic in Stadium Negara? I mean this is not a concert.

    SASHI: A good question, and one I hope can be answered by the promoters. However, I guess the only way to find out is to actually go there. I am going there with friends, so maybe I can come back with a proper report. 🙂

  10. Do you know that the prices in the table together with the seating map (the thumbnail) are different from the prices provided by http://www.axcess.com.my which is the ticket agent for DC? (according to copperfieldkl)

    This site says the Matinee show is cheaper than Evening show, but axcess.com.my is the other way round.
    It’s very confusing and I don’t know which to follow.

    SASHI: I’ve uploaded a more current image from axcess.com.my. Hope this helps. And please note that my info here is not always up-to-date – always check with the ticketing site and promos to keep abreast of the latest news regarding this show.

  11. Hey,

    Glad the tickets for the KL shows are up on sale. We must post our show reviews after the show lol.

    Singapore Fan

  12. Best seats? Whenever u’re in a stadium, if your seats are above the ground (hence the audience seats away from the run track) are not so nice seats especially when the stage is far away in the middle of the feild (in this case at the other end of the feild!). So category 2 and above tickets are not worth it if you wanna have a intimate session with DC.
    I think the tics are rather cheap for DC’s show.

    A Show not to be missed!

    S. RAJAN

  14. hi, may i know what is the survey for the seating place most worth to buy..

    also, is there a big defference between the pink and yellow seats?

  15. Glad to see him arrive in Malaysia, i were wonder is he had a show in Singapore only. I wouldn’t miss it.

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