See ya round, Henry

Enjoy your golden years in sunny Spain, senor Henry. I won’t be missing the goals you scored (and might have scored if you’d stayed) against us, but hey, you will always be one of the coolest players on an English football pitch ever.

Thierry Henry

Thanks for the memories, dude.

– A Liverpool supporter


3 thoughts on “See ya round, Henry”

  1. Yeah, I really loved to watch him play. The way he bamboozled the entire LFC team and scored a tremendous goal is etched in my head. He along with the Non-Flying Dutchman were simply awesome. Then again, somehow or rather with his style of play he belongs in Spain I guess šŸ˜›

    SASHI: True, but I wonder if it was the fact that his style was unique in English football that made him such a great success here, and if being just one of the many talented Catalans would render him irrelevant? Then again, perhaps not…

  2. basket. got time to post this here, go lar post it in HB! -_-“””

    SASHI: Aiyah, boss, I was expecting the Gooners to post a tribute over at HB. Not my fault that they can’t be Ar$ed (Geddit? Geddit? Arsed? Arsenal? Geddit?) to remember a legend (at time of writing)… šŸ˜›

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