Two days carrying around a jacket, and I’m still not cold enough to wear it.

Problems all around me, but nothing I can do to help.

I wish I’m being missed. I’m probably not even being remembered.

Hungry. Not for food. Although my stomach would disagree with that.


Fried noodles and squid. Hmm.

Hi ho, hi ho, and off to work we go…

Finished the first part in record time.

I wanna make you laugh.

What does a Maltese terrier look like?

I know you’re supposed to be there. But will you be there?

Still not cold enough for a jacket.

If I lay down and never woke up again, would you notice?

Can redundant questions ever be answered?

What are you, a spy? Stop asking questions that I don’t know how to answer.

I need help from people from whom I can’t ask for help.

1 dazzling smile = 1 billion years in heaven.

I’ll probably go insane before I go senile. Heck, who’s to say I’m not insane already? Perhaps you’re all insane and I’m the last sane man on Earth. That’d be enough to get me on Oprah, don’t you think?

There was a time when I was glad to be alone. Can I please go back to that time?

Too much. Too much. Not enough.

Why on Earth is a Korean song playing in my head? Rain is coming down through the rooftop… Yikes!

I’m raring to go – I just don’t know in which direction. Somebody give me a nudge.

Homer’s home.

More than meets the eye… Robots in disguise… Transformers!! If you don’t already know, you can start booking tickets to the movie from… well, beginning last Monday, I think. I’m gonna be watching it next Friday.

No more free rides, bub.

Come the revolution, I’ll let you know before I start shooting.



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