Pimping K-Poppers

Yo yo, me da pimp daddy, me wanna pimp a blog by some cute hotties who really dig da Korean pop culture scene, yo.

Go check ’em out, yo. Where they be at?

They be at K-popped!

If you’re into the K-pop scene too, you might wanna introduce yerself there, and let ’em know that them chickadees ain’t alone, yo!

Word, homeys…

(Yeah, I know, I so suck at hip-hop slang… :P)

2 thoughts on “Pimping K-Poppers”

  1. Oh wow…Sashi! I didn’t know you could rap. Although it was not top notch, i give it an A for effort! I know i couldn’t have done that.

    Thanks it was entertaining. =)

    SASHI: Wait till you hear me do Ice Ice Baby. You’ll be traumatized forever. 😛

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