I Killed Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime - Before

A colleague brought an Optimus Prime action figure to the office, and me being me, I had to try and transform him.

Guess what? I broke him.

Optimus Prime - After

So now I need to replace this red fella. Anybody know where I can find him? Hopefully he won’t cost too much…..

Muchas gracias,


13 thoughts on “I Killed Optimus Prime”

  1. lemme guess, eyeris pissed you off?


    SASHI: Haha, no lah. I would never willingly hurt an Autobot for any reason. Besides, it wasn’t Eyeris’ Prime, it was someone else’s.

  2. Duh…it’s the non-transformable one lah….I see also I know. It’s cheap actually. Try toy city of something…you might get lucky.

    SASHI: Dude, it’s transformable. Go to this link, and check out the one labeled Robot Masters G1 Convoy. That’s the one.

  3. try to find it on Model shop……Sungei Wang, LowYat or Timesquare. The cheapest I think RM 19.90 but the highest can come to RM 700 ++

    SASHI: Thanks, dude. Will check out those places.

  4. Saw lots at Toys R Us Midvalley the other day. Not sure if it’s the same, but they had many varieties of Optimus Prime.

    SASHI: I heard the same thing. Will have to check it out too.

  5. i’m not letting you near my cyclonus.

    SASHI: You sure? I could probably find new ways of transforming him, in more efficient and time-saving ways.. πŸ˜›

  6. Owhhh…that version….my bad. I used to have the Perfect Edition MP-4. Good luck in finding those these days.

    SASHI: Thanks, I’ll need all the luck I can get… πŸ˜‰

  7. try getting this from SG yahoo auction. sure can get n much more cheaper.

    SASHI: I’ve looked through the SG auction, but sadly, the particular model I’m looking for is not listed. Sigh….

  8. i don’t if you can find exactly the same one to replace your friend’s damaged Optimus Prime. But since the movie is out, they have lots of merchandise out there. maybe you can get a nicer one – but not too expensive ? Or does your friend want EXACTLY the same one? Can order from Amazon? or eBay?

    SASHI: As Mulder might say, “The [Prime] is out there.” Problem is finding the exact one that doesn’t cost too much. (And thanks to the movie, most Transformers merchandise are now becoming very expensive).

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