Visit Malaysia 2007: Success or Failure?

Poll on allMalaysia's Visit Malaysia 2007 site

Says it all, really. (Add your votes at allMalaysia’s Visit Malaysia 2007 site).

So who’s at fault? The people who are supposed to be marketing our country, the foreign tourists who decide not to make the journey here, the hotels and travel-related companies, or maybe we should just take a long hard look at ourselves and wonder whether we’ve made our country worth a visit?

Well, there’s still another 6 months to go (some might say the peak season hasn’t kicked in yet) – let’s see how things pick up.


2 thoughts on “Visit Malaysia 2007: Success or Failure?”

  1. Even from a guy who is not much of a globe-trekker, I have experienced countries with better historical monuments, equivalent natural gifts, more authentic cultural ‘shows’, safer environment etc, all at a cheaper price.

    SASHI: I think this country has a lot to offer that cannot be replicated in any other nation on earth – thing is, are we showcasing them in the best way possible?

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