Exercising the brain

I’ve tried Sudoku, and other brain-busters, to sharpen the mind. The problem with some of these exercises is that sometimes it requires a little bit more time than I can invest.

So it’s nice to come across something like this once in a while: MilitantPlatypus Crossword Puzzle.

Discovered via Digg.


3 thoughts on “Exercising the brain”

  1. Try a rubiks cube. It can be addictive. I manage to solve it twice last week. Dammit… I feel like a geek. šŸ˜›

    SASHI: Hey… what’s wrong with being a geek? šŸ˜› I’m no good at Rubik’s cube solving, although that’s probably because I never had practice.

  2. Try as i might…i can only solve one side of the rubiks cube. šŸ˜¦ Wow…kudos to you Tenacious T for solving it twice last week!

    SASHI: Only one side? Then can’t you solve another side after that? And then another side? And another? Till you’re all done. (I’m so caffeine deprived…)

  3. It’s becomes easier once you learn the techniques. I do it layers by layers. There are a lot of websites on solving rubiks and speed cubing tips. Here’s one that I find useful: http://lar5.com/cube/

    SASHI: Thanks for the link – now all I need is an actual Rubik’s cube…

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