Yeah, but no, but yeah

So yeah, this other day I was at this place with some of my mates, right? And this person, this total stranger, comes up to us, right? Asks us stuff, yeah? And then this person makes this remark, right? This totally off-the-cuff remark, yeah? It’s a question, see? So we have to answer it, yeah? So I answered “No”, yeah? But I wanted to say “Yes”, see? Because when the question was asked, I was secretly delighted, yeah? But I was sad because the reality was different, right?

So, yeah, but no, but yeah, life sucks.

I wanna go back to being a kid again. Time machines, anyone – I’ll buy it from you for a reasonable price, I assure you.


7 thoughts on “Yeah, but no, but yeah”

  1. The problems with Time Machines is that question. When do we stop changing our lifes because we don’t like the outcome. It feels like an endless loop.

    SASHI: An endless loop… That’s be kinda cool too… at least until up to the point I get bored…

  2. Ya-lar, what a confusing entry.

    I also know a lot about time machines, I have one, remember 😉

    Finding spare parts is a killer!

    SASHI: You do? Pinjam, please? 😛

  3. Hello, fren…

    Long time no see! Didn’t know you’re on WordPress after your Liverpool’s blog closed! No more ‘bolog-bolog bola’?

    Me on Blogger now :

    Liz : Time machine heh, can rewind back de Milan v Reds game? :p


    SASHI: Hey, amigo! Not to say I don’t blog about Liverpool much now, it’s just that I prefer to participate (or just read) the stuff posted by fellow Liverpool supporters over at Hantubola. 🙂

  4. Sashi: As I said, finding spare parts is a killer, so time machine not functioning at the moment. Sigh, agony, man.

    Red’s Fury: Can go anywhere one, time machine, mah. Just that not working right now 😛

    SASHI: Maybe can get some spare parts in Low Yat?

  5. I kinda remember the Toys’R’Us song….”I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys’ R Us kid, there’s a million toys at Toys ‘R Us that I can play with! More bikes, more trains, more video games, it’s the biggest toy store there is! I don’t want to grow, because then if I did, I wouldn’t be a Toys ‘R Us kid!”

    Yeah..time machine…pinjam me oso….missed my Matt Tracker and Thunderhawk.

    SASHI: Ah.. another MASK fan! Awesome! Now THAT’S an 80’s cartoon that should be remade as a movie! 😉

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