R.I.P. Loga (Alleycats)

Loga of Alleycats

Loganathan Arumugam (1953 – 2007)

Alleycats’ Loga dies [The Star Online]

“As long as you keep listening to his music, Loga will continue to live on.” – (Susan Lovie, Loga’s wife).

‘Sampaikanlah salam…’ [Screenshots]

Kerana kau… Alleycats’ music taught us Malaysians to be once blind of colours.
It won’t be No(k)ta(h) Terakhir for Malaysians who choose to stay together and be at peace with one another… Hingga akhir nanti.

R. I. P. Loga of Alleycats [Swifty]

They were the epitome of Malaysia’s multicultural and multiracial harmony, where a band and their songs can be embraced regardless of their race or skin colour.

In Memoriam: Loganathan Arumugam (1953 – 2007) [myAsylum]

Loga, with the rest of Alleycats, showed the nation, through their music, that we do indeed have commonalities.

Sampaikanlah Salam… This was the first song I ever memorised in full as a child. The fact that this is probably one of the few commercially popular songs that I could sing along with my friends of varying race and background is not lost on me.

My condolences to Loga’s family and friends.

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31 thoughts on “R.I.P. Loga (Alleycats)”

  1. I still remember in the 80’s when I had a ticket for a show at Stadium Merdeka…at end of the show, the organisers played Alleycats’ Sampaikanlah Salam…and everyone at the stadium was singing along…some in tears….back then, Malaysia was truly Asia…

    SASHI: Unfortunately, I’ve never had the good fortune to be able to witness their performance live. By all accounts, it would have been SOME experience.

  2. Hi sashi, 1st time i am here. Anyways, i heard on news that rtm1 will have a 3-part special on loga (RIP) starting from tomorrow.
    I grew up to Alleycats. These guys define the best about being Malaysian.
    Loga, thank you for the music. We will remember when we hear the songs.

    SASHI: Thanks, mymoon. Will make sure to catch the specials!

  3. dear friends, its really great to know that my brother loga has touched so many people with his personality and music. I wish to thank you all for all the good things you have said about him. May my brother rest in peace

  4. Deepest sympathy to Loga’s family.
    You have enlightened us with your mesmerising songs, and may your songs now enlighten the heavenly souls too.
    We’ll remember you till eternity.
    May you rest in peace.
    Terima Kaseee…h

  5. Wonder why everyone hid their affections for this man all these while. He would have been touched by the warmth that we now offer.Alas, it’s too late. Hope he will be awarded a national title post-humously, so that at least his next-of-kin would feel a little consoled.

  6. I first bought the cassette in 1979 when I attended a seminar in KL. Brought back that cassette to KB and eventually the whole bank where I worked before love the songs in it. From that point, my friends and I never missed buying any new releases from Alleycats. Now that I’ve been away from Malaysia for almost 21 years, and among other things that my family mailed to me is the Alleycats cassettes.

    LOGA, as everyone here, we all love you because your songs are part of my childhood. You will be remembered for sure. RIP

  7. Loga,

    I met you and David when I was working at the Pyramid Disco in 1988. My collegue, Selvam was crazy about your music and we had a common friend, Jimmy who sometimes played base for your band.Thank you for the music which has enriched our lives.

  8. hi frends ,

    i’m sad to hear that loga alleycats has passed away …”(

    every day i will hear his songs e.g = andainya aku pergi dulu

    i hope u all pray 4 loga ../


  9. I was at the 80s concert.It was an experience,I will never forget.Just after Form 6,I believe!
    The era is gone,and am glad was apart of it.Nevertheless,these guys and many more who were born circa mid 194s and mid 1950s,either in the West or East did give the generation some memorable songs that continue to be played by the generation now!

  10. anyone who had loga’s tamil song for download….. please…
    i love them very much..

    they were my fathers’ schoolmate…

  11. Good evening my dear Malaysian friends,

    Once again, our deepest sympathy to the loving family of Loganathan. He may not with us anymore but his music, ever smiling and swinging momentum will lives on forever.
    Though a Singaporean Chinese but I love Malay songs way back to the late sixties, seventies especially when the Alleycats, Freedom, Headwind, Search came into the music scene. I am still keepng the Alleycats video recorded tapes of their concert in 1984 and also during the Merdeka celebrations. Singing Senandong Semalam, Kerana, Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi and the list goes on is my every evening affair that indeed bring back wonderful memories.
    David, me and all my Singaporean friends and fans of The Alleycats love you, Loga and other band members.
    May our dearest Loga “aneh” (brother) bless each and everyone in the music world.
    We Love You!!

    Gilbert & Singapore

  12. Hi Sashi,

    Yes we all love Loga and Alleycats and I hv some last few pictures of him.

    His funeral in Penang and we were there. David could not get over Loga’s death, took it very badly.

    I guessed I can understand why after watching the few performances on telly about recruiting someone to take Loga’s place.

    His mum said ” Why did God take away my Good son. Why didn’t God take me.

    It was very sad for us so my husband Chandra conveyed our condolences.

    There are buddies when they were young. Played football in Northam Road Girls school. Loga and David lived opposite the school and played football and were chased out by the caretaker all the time. The care taker happened to be Chandra’s uncle and once Chandra went with them to play football, the gates were never closed after that.

    Sweet memories for Chandra as he told me on the way to Loga funeral.

    Warm regards



    SASHI: That’s a lovely story, Nyonyapearl. Thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂

  13. alleycats is the greatest malaysian band ,and their song wil live forever in every malaysian heart,they will always be the best amomg the best ! terima kassssssiiiiiiihhhhhh

  14. I’ll nvr 4get the day my friend introduced me to Loga and the Alleycats, when they performed in one of the pubs in S’pore. Atleast i have a special autograph signed by the whole group to remember and keep for life. I was so mesmerise by the way they sing and play their music. Goodbye Loga, no one can erase you from our memory. May you rest in peace.

  15. Can’t understand why a group so popular like them doesn’t even have a decent web page. It only shows that recording companies here do not appreciate good songs. Compare their songs with those of Mawi and you will get what I mean.

    I do understand that most of the recording companies they were attached to last time is no longer in existence but I still believe those in power (peoples who own their music rights of course) should have done something.. LONG AGO.

    Kudos to A.M.O @ Jason for his dedication but why can’t we have something like scorpions official website.


  17. Loga, unforgetable.
    I remember I ate some of your food after your performance in KL (if I am not mistaken it was after Blue Waves, KL)

    Rest In Peace Loga
    Roy (USA)

  18. Alleycats are the greatest band ever.I have bought their latest album titled Ulangtahun Yang ke-40(sebuah tribute buat Loga).I love all their songs.I became their fans a few years ago when I heard their song on television.

  19. I grew up listening to Alleycats when I was young. Glad that I have seen them perform live many times. Once in Penang at the Carmen Inn, three times in Ipoh during the 80’s and I still remember them very well and still listens to their songs. Kerana Kau is still my favorite.In fact I love all their songs. I even had some photos taken with David and Loga when they were performing in Ipoh and stayed at The Casuarina Hotel. Keep up the music of Alleycats David now that Loga is no longer with us.

  20. My Name is Punitha.I’m from Penang.I have been a fan of this EVERGREEN band for a long time.May Loga rest in peace forever.I feel sad everytime I listen to the song Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi.Love their song for ever.Alleycats are EVERGREEN.

    Punitha(Alleycats Fan Forever)

  21. My Name is Punitha.I’m from Penang.I have been a fan of this EVERGREEN band for a long time.May Loga rest in peace forever.I feel sad everytime I listen to the song Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi.Love their song for ever.Alleycats are EVERGREEN.

    Punitha(Alleycats Fan Forever)

  22. You bring back memories of good ol’days.
    Many thanks for the music. i am passing it
    down to my children though we live in Adelaide, australia.
    You are a household name!

    Arud & Christine @ Adelaide, Australia

  23. Hingga Akhir Nanti, Kau tetap jadi pujaan……

    All Alleycats fans are invited to visit the official fan website (www.alleycatsmalaysia.com) put up by me and Prakash.(Die hard fans of Alleycats) Tq.

    * A MUST HAVE item for true Alleycats fans – pls make sure you get a copy of the 40th Anniversary Boxset album (3CD + 1DVD). Watch the DVD with your family.
    40 years of amazing journey of the true legend….

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