Kiss Her!

I came across this post while checking out the currently popular blogs list:

Kiss Her - Street Graffiti

I spotted this one walking down a road in central London. It was especially poignant to me because I’ve kind of been caught in limbo recently. A girl I know, but you see it’s complicated, things would happen if I had either the balls or stupidity but the possible consequences seem to have stopped me from taking that leap of faith. The strange thing is I am always urging people to do what they feel is ‘right’. It is always easier to give advice than take it I suppose?

And I was wondering what you lot think…

It’s scary when complete strangers write exactly what you’re thinking, isn’t it?

On the other hand, it also tells you that you’re never truly alone in your thoughts and feelings.

That’s a kind of small comfort, I guess.

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5 thoughts on “Kiss Her!”

  1. But it’s true, sometimes you give advice you can’t follow yourself. As they say, talk is cheap. But then again (since I have to follow the general rule of giving cheap advice), You never win, if you never risk. But risk if only you’re willing to lose. Or something to that effect. I like the middle road myself. Less hazards.

    SASHI: It’s the “willing to lose” part, that I’m still struggling with.

  2. “On the other hand, it also tells you that you’re never truly alone in your thoughts and feelings. ”
    Actually yeah…God knows our every thought. Christians believe this.

    SASHI: Well, it would be nice if He would let me know what I should or shouldn’t do. But then again, life would be too predictable if that were to happen, eh?

  3. so ure still thinking? bah!

    SASHI: What can I say in my defense, other than the fact that I’m paralysed by the possible negative consequences? I guess I can also say I’m quite a coward in this matter?

  4. must be a good friend then – hence so much thinking 😉 weight the pros n cons – n then take the risk if its worth it

    SASHI: I do think too much.. or perhaps not enough.

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