I left my cellphone at home today.

I’m at work now. And I feel so… lost. Naked even.

Which is kinda weird, since I rarely make – or receive – many calls. And yet…. naked.

Add the fact that yesterday, a group of GT Girls dropped by the office to promote the 2007 Super GT International Series Malaysia.

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And on yesterday, of all days, I had to be on leave. Doh!

This has been a lousy week.

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4 thoughts on “Phone-less”

  1. I know that feeling..its just that you know ur not contactable and u’ll alwiz be wondering if there’s any call coming by

    SASHI: Yeah.. who knows, maybe that was the day when a hot supermodel called me up for a date… and I would have missed it! 😦 Stop laughing, all of you…

  2. yeah irony of hps – once u lived without it with no prob n now it feels like u lost ur arm

    warning – do not go out to meet friends today – it will be hell – have been there ;p

    SASHI: You’ve been to hell? 😀

  3. so did u have the hot models misscall? ;p
    heheh oh yes i have ;p probably still live in it ;p

    SASHI: Sadly, no models called. Although one message came from someone wanting to rent a lorry.

  4. well what do u know..i left my phone at home on this exact day too! i do know the feeling…
    SASHI: Welcome to the club!

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