AllMalaysian Bloggers Project – Win Great Prizes!

All Malaysian Bloggers Project

You’ve heard of, haven’t you? It’s The Star Online‘s information portal geared towards anything and everything Malaysian.

And now, they’ve got bloggers in their sights.

Wait, before you go scurrying for cover, it’s not the bad kind of spotlight regularly directed at us online scribbling denizens by certain 3-quarts-short-of-a-full-tank ministers, but a very good kind instead.

The Star Online wants bloggers to speak up – which is just as well, because we all know that the mainstream media are not always able to, being hamstrung by repressive laws and all. So they’re doing what they can to support us, instead of calling us names and accusing us of destabilising the country and threatening national security.

Hence, the AllMalaysian Bloggers Project. It kinda reminds me of the classic Great Malaysian Blog List that was once maintained by Aizuddin Danian, or even the famous BolehBlogs webring (I think it was the first ever site to which I submitted my blog, although my records no longer seem to exist there. Well, it has been a while, hasn’t it…?)

Nowadays, there’s still the MyCen Blog Directory, and the ever-popular blog portal.

But this time, it’s a mainstream media organisation that’s reaching out to bloggers. Here’s a snippet from their site as to the reasons for this project:

We, at believe that the blogging culture is one that should be encouraged; that bloggers should be allowed to express themselves.

This project is to bring all you like-minded souls, all you online scribes, together in one place. It makes it easy for your target audience to find you, and it helps us to organise events – both online and ground events – just for you bloggers. So think about it. It’s time to really reach out.

You may already have your site linked in those previous blog directories I’ve mentioned earlier. Well, it doesn’t hurt to be listed in another directory, does it? Especially in a site with a much higher Google PR value too…

And just in case you need more than the promise of an increase in traffic to your blog to motivate you to sign up with this project, well, how about the opportunity for winning a stay at Awana Genting Highlands for 3 days and 2 nights?

Oh yeah, this project also doubles up as a contest! 20 blogs from the ones submitted will be shortlisted based on relevance and creativity in design and content. Like they say on the site:

Your blog can be about anything – travel, entertainment, photography, flowers, sports, movies etc – but should be Malaysian-centric (in part or in full) to be eligible for the contest. Your blog can be in English, Malay or something in between (as in Manglishlah)

If your blog is only partly Malaysian, so to say, ensure you place a tag or tags to the Malaysian bits/entries on the front page of your blog. If it’s mostly (or all) Malaysian, then you’re all set. 😉

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the AM Bloggers Project, bring in some traffic, and maybe win a few prizes! And maybe, just maybe, we could all meet up at a major Blogger Gathering on a truly massive (and probably sponsored) scale! Woo hoo!


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  1. Hey there, first time here.. the project sounds kewl, I’l go check it out

    SASHI: Hi there, thanks for dropping by. And yes, the project is way cool.. and it’ll only get cooler.. 😀

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