If the Empire took on the US – and won

Darth Vader Dollar

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Hat-tip: LcF


3 thoughts on “If the Empire took on the US – and won”

  1. Very cool! But that is NOT YOUR pic! You do not look like Darth Vader… 😉

    SASHI: Yeah, I agree. Darth Vader’s much better looking…. 😛

  2. I LIKE this…I made some of my own!! Whoo hoo!

    SASHI: I know! I saw! 아자 아자 화이팅! (curi-ed from your blog…)

  3. Sashi…see what you’ve done? You write her some Korean and then you will get a whole avalanche of Korean words comin’ your way. Don’t say i didn’t warn you… hehehe!

    Aza aza hwaiting! ;-D

    SASHI: An avalanche of Korean words? That sounds almost painful… 😛

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