Mr Nice Guy Contest on CloveTWO


5 guys.
Are they nice?
Or just blind mice?
Vote for them, if you’re wise;
you might just win a prize!

Do nice guys always finish last?

There are plenty who would disagree – and the people at CloveTWO, the online arm of Clove, The Star’s monthly pullout for women (and for those who like ogling at pretty women – oh you know who you are..), have come up with a plan to objectify, err, I mean, celebrate the niceness of men.

They’re holding a contest where desperate women, err, I mean, intelligent female online surfers get to vote for the dude who, in their opinion, deserves the title Mr Nice Guy*.

5 guys were roped in to show off their, err, masculi-niceness, and will be paraded, err, I mean, profiled on the contest pages, where you can rank them and comment on whatever you want about them.

MrNiceGuy candidates

I don’t know about you, but that first guy from the left reminds me a lot of the Haitian from Heroes.

The Haitian from Heroes

What do you think?

More info from The Star Online:

To allow you to get to know the candidates better, they will be asked a “scenario-based” question every week and their answers will be published online, accompanied by a video clip.

During the six-week competition, CloveTWO readers can rank the guys from their favourite (#1) to least favourite (#5), and complete a simple slogan to be in the running to win cool prizes.

CloveTWO’s search for Mr Nice Guy, in association with L’Oréal, runs from March 28 to May 8.

You could win prizes too, if your ranking matches the final rank of the candidates.

Log on to the contest at CloveTWO: MrNiceGuy and tell them what you think of their selection to represent Malaysia’s nice guy community.

* Not to be confused with Mr Nice Gay, which is like a whole other underground contest…..


7 thoughts on “Mr Nice Guy Contest on CloveTWO”

  1. Eh – you trying to insult us ahhh?? just because you weren’t chosen…. I’ll have a poll next on whether Shashi should be one of the contestants of mr Nice Guy..

  2. Ha ha ha, cute.

    But yeah, just say it Sashi…you JEALOUS.

    Nevermind, next round, we’ll save a spot for you. 😉

  3. Dear Sashi,

    Wow…you are certainly helping spread the word.

    Why not start preparing for the next round of MNG (not the clothing brand mind you – but Mr Nice Guy!). Hit the gym! Practice smiling coyly in the mirror. Maybe you’re up next!!!

  4. Wah, got request for Sashi already.

    Come on, vote some more and maybe it’ll convince Sashi to take part in the next Mr Nice Guy.

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