Today I turn 30 years old.

Sometimes, during the quieter moments of my generally dull life, I think about how I’m still around to state the previous sentence.

You know, considering how nearly a decade ago I stood by a window in my uni dorm room situated 4 floors up, and briefly considered making the biggest mistake a person could make in life.

I didn’t, of course. Obviously. I guess I was too much of a coward to attempt something like that…

(Actually, I remember wondering what would have happened if I hadn’t.. you know…. gone *kaput* on impact. I could have been lying there on the cold hard concrete in severe pain for who-knows how long….)

But I still remember the moment, or more specifically the feelings I experienced.

I have never, before or since, felt as low as I felt that night.

I had two choices to make at that moment: to give up and end it all, or to struggle and rise out my depression.

I took the latter path. It was slow-going – as is par for my character, really. I didn’t want to rush hastily into another screw-up, so I took my time.

But eventually, I got back up. And I’m glad I did.

I’ve since learned quite possibly the most valuable lesson that life has to offer:

Never trust a person who says he has never failed at something. He’s almost certainly lying. Or he’s just too young.

What counts is not what or why or how you failed. It’s whether you bounced back.

I did. Now I know failure is not the end of anything.

Remember kids, despite what your teachers may have told you:
The opposite of success is not failure.

Failure is merely a roadblock, a speedbump, an obstacle you face along the path to success.

The true opposite of success is SURRENDER.

Fail all you want; for that shows that you’re at least trying. Just NEVER GIVE UP.

Here’s to another 30 years of never surrendering. Cheers!


12 thoughts on “Thirty”

  1. Happy birthday dude. Some lessons are hard to learn. But i guess that’w what we’re here for. To learn. Here’s to another happy 30 years πŸ™‚


    i am glad to chose NOT to end it all – a decade ago.

    Here’s to many more years to come & a blessed & exciting life ahead.

  3. Sashi: good to see you blogging again. Never would have figured you almost gave it up. Happy Birthday, Sashi, and here’s to a long productive fulfilling life ahead.

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