This blog turns 3

Today is the 3rd anniversary of my first posting in sashi-isms.

3 years. 36 months. 600+ posts. 3000+ comments. That’s some nice set of numbers for a small-time blogger.

I could go all philosophical and talk about how having a blog has changed me, or how it has touched people, or how it allowed me to… never mind, that is not what I want to do today.

Well, maybe just a little bit.

This blog is currently undergoing its third phase of life. The first phase was spent in the warm embrace of pre-Google-owned Blogger. When it found favour among a regular group of readers, it morphed into its own identity: sashiweb dot com. It spent this second phase in a host of temporary webhosting homes, before finally settling on Exabytes. It even had a brief dalliance with Google Adsense, before splitting amicably.

But eventually, it got restless. It was growing more pensive, more thoughtful. It felt things were not what they should be in this crazy world of ours.

It started feeling like it didn’t belong anymore, out there among the others screaming about prejudice and hate, about making money above all else, about serving gratuitious amounts of sleaze and hype, about recycled copycat hash-job ‘works’ trumping originality…

It took its bow, left the stage. It just wasn’t cut out to be one of the group.

But it never left the sphere. It just resurfaced elsewhere. Somewhere without all this… external noise. Somewhere where it can stop, take a breather, have a nice look around, and wander off into the garden of sunflowers glowing beneath its radiant solar benefactor.

This third phase is like home for me. It is rented (in a manner of speaking, the rental being free), of course – I could still be turned out by the homeowners. They might start charging me to stick around. What I will do then, I do not know. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

But I’m gonna enjoy myself while it lasts.

In the meantime, I look back at my 3-years worth of postings, wondering about the stuff I wrote back then. It’s almost like having an out-of-body experience, if it can be applied to blogging. I cannot believe some of the stuff I wrote were written by me. Some are rubbish. Ok, most are rubbish. But a few, well, a few of them I really like.

Or maybe it’s just a case of self-grandeur. Or as it is so aptly referred to in Malay: syiok sendiri le….

So in the spirit of looking back, I present to you a chef’s selection from the archives: 1 post for each of the 36 months I’ve been blogging.

And as an afterthought, I’ve also added a list of selected fictional posts (which is another reason for this blog’s existence – to exercise the creative part of me).

Read ’em all, or none at all. I’m just happy you’re reading this. Thank you for your support.

Some of my ‘works of fiction’:

Previous anniversary posts:


8 thoughts on “This blog turns 3”

  1. Happy 3 years of blogging!! This time unlike last year, I actually remembered my 4th year of blogging. 🙂

    I know what you mean by taking a breather from that mess that’s out there. You doing good for yourself, your voice as Sashi is still there and I guess that’s what all bloggers need to do every once in a while, go back to the beginning and find their own voice.

    Seeing that the future is as always unpredictable, I still wish you plenty of years to go in a place where you can always put down your thoughts and feelings.

    Again, happy 3rd blogging anniversary. 🙂

  2. Boss, lets pop a bottle or two of Vanilla Coke to celebrate. Glad to see that you have not succumbed to the dark side of the blogosphere. Blog on mate!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary,

    GOod post. It really made me smile. I stumbled into your blog while surfing and I’d tell you, u’ve got the gift of writing with humour. Not many is visible in that way.

    Looking forward to reading all your post and expecting more from u.


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