A dream, a 38-word story, and an Idol spoiler

A dream

I think I had the best dream ever last night/this morning. It had a guy who could control minds ala Prof X, an ordinary Joe who becomes an unlikely hero when he finds he could block out the guy’s mind control attempts, and a cute girl-next-door damsel-in-distress chick.

The problem is that the more I try to remember the details of the dream, the more I’m forgetting it. By the end of the day, it will be nothing but a vague recollection of some fire and explosions.

Which is sad, cos really, I think it was the best dream I ever had.

A 38-word story

I read Sharon’s post on short stories, and since I like that genre, I tried to write a 50-word story.

The crying child opened the door and ushered me in. She held the knife doused in her father’s blood. I walked into the room, witnessed the carnage. Too late, I heard the swish of the blade behind me.

Yeah, only made it up to 38 words. I think I have a short attention sp…. ooh, look, butterflies!!

An Idol upset

I like WordPress.com, but I hate the Dashboard look once I’ve logged in. All those latest blog posts listed on the side, yeah, I’m sure some people would be interested in those. But I’d prefer it if it was customisable so that I won’t accidentally see information that could be regarded as spoilers and such, like who got eliminated in American Idol today!


I’ll be watching 300 this evening. It seems to be the kind of movie that generates intense, polarising opinions. You either hate it, or love it.

I’m just hoping I don’t sleep through it, although from the trailers and such, I’d be lucky if I come out of the cinema with my hearing intact.


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  1. sashi – get into the habit of recording your dreams as soon as you wake up. your subconscious has given you a great story as a gift and you go and forget it! was inspired recently hearing how one of the most interesting parts of “the gift of rain” came to tan twan eng in a dream

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