Wil Wheaton on William F***ing Shatner

I’m a Star Trek fan. Not a hard-core Trekkie, mind you – I certainly wouldn’t be the type of guy who would redecorate his apartment to look like the interior of a Starfleet ship, like this guy did.

But I did enjoy the franchise very much. Although if pressed, I’d say I enjoyed ST:TNG way more than the original series and all the other spin-offs since.

Fans of ST:TNG will of course remember Ensign Wesley Crusher. Fans have long been divided over this character – you either hate him, or put up with him. But whatever you may think of the character, there is a general consensus regarding the man (or boy back then) who played him – Wil Wheaton, arguably the geek’s Celebrity Geek.

His book, Just a Geek, is to geekdom what Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch is to football-fandom.

He is also known these days as one of the blogosphere’s top uber-bloggers, who regularly writes on a variety of topics on a variety of websites, including his own at WWdN.

One recent article, posted on the SuicideGirls website, is titled “William F***ing Shatner, Part 1“. (Don’t worry, the link’s safe for work.)

“Well?” He asked.

Oh no. He’d asked me a question, and I’d missed it.

“Excuse me?” I replied.

“I said, what do you do over there?” he asked. There was a challenge in his voice.

“Oh, uh, well, I’m an acting ensign, and I sometimes pilot the ship.” Maybe he’d be impressed that I’d already logged several hours at the helm of the Enterprise D, all before the age of 16.

“Well, I’d never let a kid come onto my bridge.” He said, and walked away.

Captain James Tiberius Kirk, of the Starship Enterprise 1701, and Enterprise 1701-A, the only person in Starfleet to ever defeat the Kobiyashi Maru, the man behind the Corbomite Maneuver, the man who took the Enterprise to the Genesis planet to return Spock’s katra, the man who I had admired since I was eight years old, was immediately transformed into WILLIAM F***ING SHATNER.

I eagerly await Part 2.

UPDATE: And here it is: Part II.


One thought on “Wil Wheaton on William F***ing Shatner”

  1. As a trekkie myself, I found that absolutely hilarious!!! Poor grumpy old WFS.

    I was particularly envious of Mr Crusher when there was this really super-hot female ensign who got together with him to defeat some mind-control game headset thingy. The young actress who played the ensign later developed into the super-exquisite Ashley Judd. Anybody recalled her in that one?

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