It’s A… Life?

I’m not ashamed to confess that one of my favourite movies ever is that classic Christmas weep-fest known as It’s A Wonderful Life.

I cannot help but get a lump in my throat at the end when George’s neighbours come flooding through his door to offer money to save him from ruin. And everytime I watch the scene where George, sitting alone in a bar at the end of his rope, realises the possibility that he may be, indeed, worth more dead than alive (thanks to life insurance), well, that’s just one of my favourite movie scenes ever.

George prays

Now, the concept of having a guardian angel come down and tell you that you are a worthwhile human being and that if you were never here, the world as you know it would actually be worse off, is a nice idea.

But what if the case didn’t apply to you? What if in your time here, you never did change the world for the better? What if people’s lives wouldn’t have improved whether or not you were around?

So what if you were able to make a handful of people occasionally laugh or smile? There’re plenty of comedians out there who can do the same.

So what if you filled an important role at your place of work? Lots of people have similar (or better) qualifications and experience.

Perhaps, you really would be worth more dead than alive.

Depression is like being in the deep end of the pool. I can’t always find my way back to the shallow end. (This analogy from a guy who can’t swim….)


3 thoughts on “It’s A… Life?”

  1. *Hugs*

    A lot of people may say that, but just because their qualifications are better, does that mean that they (the person) are suited to that place in that point in time?

  2. I know what you mean.

    Why is it so important for some of us to know with certainty that we have made a difference? Is it not enough just to study, work and support a family? What is it with the ‘bigger picture/finer details’?

    I guess it boils down self-validation. The need to be needed. That must explain why when I saved all my testimonials when I deleted my Friendster account. Pathetic, but reading through it at my lowest lows makes me feel a tiny bit better.

    I’m sure you’ve made a difference, in more ways that you are aware of.

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