Lessons From The Police Station

Automobile accidents happen all the time. ALL the time. If you’re going to be making a police report regarding an accident, be prepared to wait a long time in a queue.

If you do get involved in an automobile accident, try to settle it with the other party/parties, at the scene if possible. Making a police report is just not worth the hassle. And don’t get me started on the insurance claims. Yikes.

Just because you think you’re in the right, AND people who know the circumstances think you’re in the right, and even if the cops grudgingly accept the possibility that you may be in the right, doesn’t mean that you really ARE in the right. Be prepared to be compounded for a technicality.

Most cops really are quite friendly and helpful. But all it takes is one sour-faced arrogant SOB to ruin the impression. Just try to ignore the idiots who seem to spoil the entire police force reputation without even knowing it…

Corruption is way more subtle these days compared to days of yore. Do not ask me to elaborate.

Carry a camera everywhere. Be it a camera-phone, digicam, clunky old cameras your dad had back in the day – whatever. Getting photographic evidence is always helpful. Your word alone is just not good enough.

When in an accident, get backup. You sure as heck can bet the other guy’s doing the same thing. Reinforcements help boost your case.

Scratches are way more visible on a car with a black finish than on a silver one. But that doesn’t mean it will show up well on a photo.

Sh*t happens. Live and let learn. Move on. Dwelling on it is just going to ruin every waking (and occasionally sleeping) moment.

Get out of my @%^&! way [The Star Online], published on the same day. Hah!