Visit Malaysia 2007 Travel Blog at The Star Online

Hi there.

There’s a Travel Blog at (which is a sub-site under The Star Online) which has been set up to promote Visit Malaysia 2007.

All bloggers and wannabe-bloggers and basically anyone who wants to say something nice about our country for a change are welcome to post their thoughts in the blog.

(You’ll have to be a MyStar member before you can post an entry – registration is FREE – and all posts are moderated before being published. You can also add a link to your own blog in the post – sure got trafic spike wan….)

From the site intro:

What is it about Malaysia that’s so special that we have boldly proclaimed Malaysia a “must-visit”? Is it the people? The lifestyle? The beauty? The food?

Tell us, via this blog, what it is you think that’s unique about Malaysia, as a country, a tourist destination, a place to call home, and more. Provide suggestions (of places to visit, food to taste, sights to see etc), comments, tips … and show us why the world should visit and experience Malaysia.

Go on, try to find something good about Malaysia to write about for once – too much pessimism is not good for anyone.

The URL once again: :: Visit Malaysia 2007