Bloggers Sued For Defamation

Malaysian socio-political bloggers Jeff Ooi and Rocky have been sued by NSTP.

Lim Kit Siang writes about possible implications of the case.

Am not happy about this. But am not making further comment while events unfold. Let’s see what happens..

But just so you know… I’m on the bloggers’ side.

Read these links for more info:

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9 thoughts on “Bloggers Sued For Defamation”

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  2. Hi Susan,

    I love to read your blog. After obtaining the Writ of Summons with Statement of Claim on the Mongolian Case, I hope you will blog further.

    I wonder you have read the case of Somkid Kamjam in July 1989 when I was his solicitor for a fee of S$1.00. Fortunately, President Wee Kim Wee pardoned him with thousands, as the Thai PM then threatened to send his war ship here as reported in the Straits Times. The wide case was widely published especially in Bangkok Post.

    Best Regards

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