Xmas Gift Exchange at the office

Merry Xmas at the office

We had a gift exchange party on Friday at the office.

A couple of weeks before, everybody in our department picked out a name (and it was supposed to be kept a secret, but word tended to get out anyway) of another colleague, and therefore was tasked to purchase a gift for that person. In other words, we had a Secret Santa party.

This was my first time being involved in something like this (my previous places of employment did not hold such rituals), so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – and more importantly, what to buy my colleague.

What I DID do, though, is pretty much something inherent in my nature: I made fun of it by sending an email to everyone with a list of what I’d like to get. It was all tongue-in-cheek, of course…. but in hindsight, I’m not sure I’d do it again in the future.

Then again, with me being me… you never know…..

Here’s the list, by the way:

1. The Godfather trilogy DVD box set
2. Star Wars The Complete Saga DVD box set
3. Most DVD’s pun boleh la.
4. Books (although to be honest, I’ve got plenty of books, so there’s a
decent possibility I’ve already got/read whatever you end up buying)
5. A Russian mail-order-bride.
6. An SUV. Any decent model. I’m not picky.
7. A Liverpool FC home jersey. Tak ori pun ok. (I kid! I kid! I obey the law! Really!)
8. Wayne Rooney’s head in a basket.
9. A laptop. Whichever In-Tech recommends as the best.
10. All-expenses paid trip to Disneyland.
11. A 10-ringgit note.
12. A Sony Ericsson mobile phone.
13. A 30-ringgit Maxis Hotlink prepaid top-up card.
14. X-Box 360 or Nintendo Wiiiiiiiiiiii
15. Channel V VJ Sarah Tan‘s phone number. (I kid! I kid! I no stalker! Really!)
16. Amazing Spider-Man Complete Comic Book Collection
17. Eva Green poster.

Like I said, tongue-firmly-in-cheek. 😛

The gift that I ended up buying for my colleague was an Annual Diary/Planner. Yup, something practical. Lucky I didn’t pick the name of a certain male colleague: I might just happen to know where to obtain a blow-up doll…. heheh…

Gifts under the Xmas tree
Gifts were placed under/around the Christmas tree before the event.

Another view of the gifts under the tree
Another view of the gift-bearing Christmas tree.

So anyway, on the day of the gift exchange, a colleague and I went off to Domino’s to buy pizzas and fizzy drinks, and our return, the party commenced.

Pizza time!

The boss played the role of Santa by giving away the gifts, and it was kinda fun watching everyone eagerly wondering what they got as well as surreptiously observing what the recepients thought of their gifts.

All in all, everyone enjoyed themselves, posed for pictures (even me, with my phobia of being photographed and all…) and generally had a merry time.

Only for a while, of course. It was still a work day, and pretty soon, we were back at our desks, earning our wages.

Oh, and what did I get?

A very cool gift:

Desk Water Dispenser
My very own water dispenser! Now, seriously, how many people do you know who has that, eh?

To my Secret Santa (you know who you are), thanks a million! I love it! 🙂

UPDATE: For those who are interested in getting your own Pyagu Mini-Water Dispenser, you can find it at Action City, 1 Utama (Old Wing), next to Old Town Restaurant near TGV Cinemas. Or if you’re in Singapore, check out this website!


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  1. hey there,
    any chances of getting that mini water dispenser in KL? It’d make a perfect gift for a friend of mine!
    Do let mek now…

  2. WY:
    It can be found at a toy shop called Action City or something, located in 1 Utama (Old Wing) next to Old Town Restaurant, near TGV Cinemas.


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