Breaking It In

I just bought a new pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago.

Purely out of necessity, mind you. You won’t catch me buying something for myself just because I like the look of it. My other pair of comfortable office shoes are beginning to show some serious wear and tear.

Problem is, the new pair tend to, erm, squeak quite a bit when I walk in them. Maybe it’s just part of the process of breaking them in, but the squeaks are disconcerting.

I don’t wear them too often to work, but they’re not entirely suitable for purposes other than a formal environment LIKE work.

So in order to break them in so that the squeaking eventually stops, I need to wear them regularly. But I can’t stand the squeaking, so I loath to wear them.


I wonder if I can hire somebody to wear them for a while till the blasted shoes stop squeaking. All applicants please send a self-addressed envelope with 10 bucks inside to the usual address.

The only qualification is that you should be hard of hearing. It’s for your own protection.


4 thoughts on “Breaking It In”

  1. I was told that shoes ‘squeak’ when they are of inferior quality. Well forget that notion! Last fall I purchased a pair of leather boot/shoes – absolutely gorgeous (if you are into shoes as I am). They squeak non stop and it has been over a year now. It is so bad that I’ve taken to walking on my tiptoes in hopes that people won’t figure out the source. Sheesh.

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