Please change your links to this blog


To all my blogging readers who link to the previous URL of my blog (sashiweb dot com), I’d appreciate it if you would edit said link to this current one (

Reason is simple – the old domain name will lapse sometime early next year, and I don’t want it to attract the attention of spammers who might use the domain name for nefarious purposes. Not that that might actually happen, but you never know…

In other words, I really, really want the domain name sashiweb dot com to disappear completely.

Thanks for your assistance….


6 thoughts on “Please change your links to this blog”

  1. oh hey,! i like it. i registered one some time back, but never got round to work on it. does this mean you’ll be blogging regularly again?

  2. Simon: Depends on your definition of ‘regular’, but yeah, I’ll be blogging…

    Suanie: What can I say, but I just can’t stay away… whoa! it rhymes!

    Menj: Why pay for something when I can get it for free?

  3. “Why pay for something when I can get it for free?”

    Hmm…many reasons actually. That’s why I use my own hosting šŸ™‚

    – MENJ

  4. Menj: I understand there are many reasons to host your own site. That’s why I had sashiweb dot com in the first place. But those reasons don’t mean anything to me anymore, so I decided to get free hosting instead. To each his own, isn’t it? šŸ™‚

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