Who da M?

So I’m chatting during lunch with some friends, and the topic veers towards movies, and we end up talking about the next James Bond film.

As you should know by now, Casino Royale is a prequel of sorts to the whole Bond saga, when 007 was a fresh-faced field agent with a brand-spanking new license to kill.

But here’s the thing that kinda confuses me: M.

In almost all of the Bond films so far (with the exception of the recent Brosnan Bond films), the role of M has been played by a man. Dame Judi Dench stepped into the role from GoldenEye onwards (and she’s done it very well, I hasten to add).

So.. shouldn’t M, back when Bond-boy was still a spy wet behind the ears, be a man? And yet, here we have M played once again by the Dame.

But then again, continuity never mattered much in the Bond universe.


2 thoughts on “Who da M?”

  1. What the directors failed to mention was that M had a sex change operation so that he/she could try to seduce Bond. It didn’t work, of course, but his dick was gone.

  2. AFAIK, this is a NEW Bond, ie Pierce’s Bond had died and this is his replacement. I think to ensure the survival of the franchise they’re creating Bond to be a name that’s attached to any agent bearing the 007 codenumber.

    SASHI: I’m under the impression it’s a complete reboot of the Bond series. Either way, we’ll see how the new Bond works out eventually eh?

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