Getting skrogged

Mr Scooty, power the thrusters! We need to escape orbit NOW!

But, Kapitan, the flooglematrix generator is experiencing a slutzenflutzen slowdown!

Add some glayvin to the mayvin, and start the hexadekadon!

But Kapitan, that will deplete our store of glayvin! We need the glayvin to run the wushteron!

What about the hethariki supplies? It has a similar chemical structure to glayvin, right?

Similar, but no cigarutto. It’s a lot more combustible. We could blow up the entire jujubilistic engine in krud-seconds!

But what if we douse the hethariki with the lapakarinadodo oil we retreived from the planet Rijahaga? I remember it has the ability to suppress flammable materials…

But the lapakarinadodo is also toxic upon contact with hethariki! Remember what happened when Ensign Nesign was fooling around with them? He got skrogged real bad….

Yeah, I remember. Poor noobino had no chance…

We can’t use the practubuhina wezenshclat crystals either.. we need them to bargain with the Kruftens to obtain our glascija supplies.

Well, Mr Scooty, what else can we use to start the hexadekadon?

Perhaps I can divert the krudensteber from the oxowegentra pipeline, splice the stream into our ptuispit lines, and connect that to the hexadekadon?

Make it so, Mr Scooty! MAKE IT SO!!


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