R.I.P. Steve Irwin, Croc Hunter

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Thanks for the memories, Stevo. I’ve learned more about saltwater crocodiles from watching your show than from any other source.

You will be missed.

UPDATE: You know you’re truly a pop culture icon when the news of your death hits Slashdot, despite you not having any strong connection to matters of technology or the usual stuff that makes Slashdot news. One of the more interesting comments in that post went like this:

“This is the fastest I’ve ever seen news hit the front page on slashdot.

In fact since this news broke an hour ago I’ve received 1 phone call, 4 SMS’s and 6 e-mails about it. A coworker came running to tell me about it and 88+ news items about it have appeared so far on Google News. Just goes to show that people really care about Steve Irwin.

With that kind of influence it makes you wonder what he might have achieved if he hadn’t died.”





9 thoughts on “R.I.P. Steve Irwin, Croc Hunter”

  1. I think it’s somewhat ironic that after besting all kinds of dangerous creatures, it was a lousy fish that eventually did him in. No doubt a stingray has certain “sure-kill attributes”, but perhaps there is some karmic value to Steve Irwin’s death.

    May he rest in peace; in a happy place where animals and humans frolic together.

  2. I’ve heard stories/hoaxes about him getting killed by wildlife many times before, so much that I wasn’t sure whether he was still around or not. Guess I can be sure now.

  3. i’m a little surprised by the number of posts on this guy’s demise. sure, he’s camp entertainment, but really, i never thought he was that popular in Malaysia. oh, well, there are plenty of snakehandler/croc wrestler guys on NatGeo to take his place…

  4. Nobody can replace the Crocodile Hunter. He was one-of-a-kind! Anyway, it does suck, but I think it was his father who said it was as good a way as any for his son to go out, rather than being hit by a bus. Died doing what he loved most. I wonder if we’ll ever see a similar news piece about Hugh Hefner?

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