Happy Birthday, Malaysia.

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Happy 49th birthday to you, you silly middle-aged land-mass.

Here’s hoping you make it to 50 without too much trouble.

Some links, for the spirit of the thing, you know…:

Join the Capturing Merdeka Photo Contest at The Star’s AllMalaysia.info site. You could win some pretty cool stuff. Contest ends Sept 16th, so get a move on! There are some handy tips for aspiring photographers, if you’re keen, so make sure you read that too…

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Last year we had the Kempen Belog BM. This year, we have Project Happy Malaysia, mooted by Vincent and taken up by lots of Malaysian bloggers. I would have liked to contribute, but I couldn’t come up with anything suitable, so I’m gonna do the next best thing and stay out of the way. Feel free to take it up, though, cos if there’s one thing I like better than writing blogs, is reading them.

EFF Bloggers

Jeff Ooi reminds us that today is also International Blog Day. How about that, eh?


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